About Automation Interpolation Mode...

hello to all,

i am wondering if there is a mode to can change to all patterns at once the Automation mode from Point to Cubic in only one step.

thanks in advance.

it is not possible?

Not at the moment, no. Sorry.

It should be possible to do this via the scripting in 2.6, so perhaps a kind user can create a script for you. (Maybe someone already has?)

ah, ok…

maybe the programmers can put it by default to “Cubic”?, or several options in Preferences to can select the default interpolation mode for Automation?.

is very tedious when you record a lot of patterns of music and you record in real time the Sliders, and later you must to change one by one the Automation in all patterns and for each Slider value… :(

anyway Renoise is a great program and i bet for it!

I rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreally need this as well! Recording a bunch of midi movements at the same time over multiple patterns and then having to change each automation of each track of each parameter from point to something else is quite the hassle :smiley:

Wow, I didn’t notice this topic was 10 years old already, hah.

It should be possible to accomplish this via Renoise’s lua api though.

Thanks for the tip. Even though I have no experience with LUA I was able to create a script that fulfills my needs. I’ll post it to the tools section when my developer rights have been granted :+1:

Actually, scrap that. I just stumbled upon this thread where a similar but better script has been posted (supports more modes than just curves). If only I searched a bit more thoroughly beforehand… oh well, at least I dipped my toes in lua scripting :slight_smile: