About the Log.txt file and the performance to start/close

I am on Windows 10, installed on a very fast M.2 drive (where Renoise is installed as well).

I just noticed a strange behavior from Renoise apparently related to the writing of the Log.txt file, located in the folder:


Log.txt is a file that grows in size each time Renoise is used (both when starting and closing).

What happen?

  1. If the Log.txt file is only a few kilobytes, Renoise appears to start up faster and log out faster as well.

  2. If the Log.txt file is large in kilobytes, about 400 KB or more, Renoise appears to start significantly slower and also to close significantly slower, 2 or 3 seconds slower. Not only that, but it seems to affect the loading of certain tools as well. If the initial load of a window tool typically takes 0.5 seconds, it could now take 3 seconds or more.

Has anyone been able to experience a similar situation with this case?

Shouldn’t this file be regenerated every time it gets too big?

Or maybe save multiple files log_1.txt, log_2.txt … so that these are not too large and that they do not affect the performance of Renoise?

I’m not entirely sure what’s going on here anyway. However, after trying many more things with no success, when I closed Renoise and deleted the Log.txt file (knowing that Renoise regenerates it), the next Renoise run was back to normal, and the tools already load quickly.