Add Time To Sample When Rendering Fx

i want to render a reverb to a percussion sound. but it only renders to the length of the sample. like it normally would. maybe an option that would extend the length of the sample automatically until the sound dies out

want to know a workaround?

Perhaps a “Render till silence” option might be worth implementation.
But usually you sort of have to select some extra rows to buffer up the reverb effect.
If this spans across the pattern edge, then make the pattern temporary larger in size or make the bpm / lpb temporary slower.

oh i know that it can be done in the pattern editor. its just a would be nice if it could be added to the sample editor render fx to sample button

I think just a little time input next to the render fx button would do it
If it is on 0 it would be as now and anything above zero would render a tail


I’d rather see a full blown dialog for it, as there’s other stuff you might wanna configure as well, like the example of what track to use (or maybe even creating/loading temporary DSP chains??)

“insert silence” would be neat at any rate though ^_^