Render to Sample - enhancements

Hi fellow Renoisers,

I would like to revive a couple of discussions on the topic of “Render to Sample”. The functionality is my “go to” way of capturing the audio from my hardware synths. Granted, work-arounds exist, but I would appreciate to see two enhancements to its current functionality:

  • Multi-Pattern rendering based on (at least a column) selection in the pattern sequence matrix (original discussion)

Current work-around: before rendering to sample, join the patterns in the sequencer whenever the to-be-recorded sequence spans more than a single pattern.

  • Inclusion of decay / effect tails based on a (configurable) volume threshold (original discussion)

Current work-around: estimate/determine tail length and add sufficient empty lines to the “Render to Sample” selection.

These work-arounds I’m applying countless times when working on a song, since I’m working predominantly with hardware synths and like to capture complete sequences. The enhancements would be much appreciated! :slight_smile:

ps. I imagine that configuring the volume threshold would be done somewhere in Renoise’s preferences. If one could further configure the “Render to Sample” function to also specify the default “NNA” and autoseek settings of the to-be-created sample that would be great.

Fingers crossed this gets picked up :slight_smile:

yes, it is quite impressive to see how it is possible to work with hardware in renoise. and the render to sample working with live input is amazing! but it just needs these small adjustments to make it really nice. auto autoseek would be lovely - maybe someone can make a small tool for this, if the API allows it?

on a similar note; being able to record/reroute internally in renoise would be really nice to. so you could use the record dialog to record specific tracks, busses or the master for instance.