Adding A Save As Self Contained Option For Your Songs?

Was wondering if adding a save as self contained option for your songs would be a good idea? Ableton use this in their save options and I think its very handy and practical for people who tend to forget where stuff was or where you moved a folder? just a thought…

what should a self-contained song contain?

the Renoise songs already save their samples and VST presets internally, while VST DLL files cannot be saved because of legal reasons.

what you could want, actually, it’s the exact opposite: an option which saves samples file paths instead of sample data, in order to save HD space

I don’t mind wasting HD space when it comes to songs, as I found in the past with other software that when the file paths were just used,if you moved a folder by accident or wanted to work on differnet machine it became a headache… … Does renosie save all the sample actually in the song so? I haven’t even checked the size of the Renoise song files I just Thought it was a saving the song data and the file directorys of the samples? Anywho it was just athought. it just means everything to do with a song is saved in the one folder, so if you want to work on a different machine all you need is the song folder.

Including the VST in the saving process would be a bad idea, a lot of plugins consist of more files than a single dll or require some sort of activation before use. Everything else is already packed into your projects. The only thing you need on both computers is your VST plugin folder.

Maybe my little tool can help you to manage your VST plugins: