Xrns Listvst 1.3 Released

After some time i’ve finally managed to finish the new version, it’s much more powerful than the old silly commandline version. It supports, thanks to Taktik, also scanning of your old RNS songs (1.0 up to 1.52).

If you find any bugs, post in this thread, or send me a mail to the address given in the readme file.


Updated to version 1.31
XRNS-ListVST 1.31

Since version 1.31, the sourcecode is available too. It was placed into the public domain.
XRNS-ListVST 1.31 Sourcecode

What is it?

XRNS ListVST is a small tool which displays various information about Renoise songs, and helps maintain your VST plugin collection. Some usage examples might be:

  • find plugins on your disk which you don’t use so you can uninstall or delete them
  • check for missing plugins in a song and Google for them with a simple double click
  • quickly check required plugins for a song, useful for collaborations
  • easily find songs with a certain speed and tempo



This is good thing!

Merry X-mas to all of you.

nice! :yeah:

Thanks very much, will give this a try now.

awesome BS!
this is an unbelievably helpful tool.
couldn’t get the last command-line version to work,
so looking forward to check this one out. thank you very much :)

really cool stuff !

Thanks for the feedback so far, much appreciated. :)

Great utility Beatslaughter! It brings order into chaos of my RNS folders :)

How about adding a simliar functionality also for RNI files?

Thanks, B!

useful tool, thanks a lot!

after checking my xrns lib tho, i noticed that there seems to be problem with waves plugins and the association with the waveshell.
besides that, it’s awesome :)

great idea! I’m very curious where the whole XML thing will lead to

I’m not sure what you mean. In case you mean it should list the used samples too, i don’t really see a need for this, since they are embedded in the song anyway and one can’t loose reference to them like with VST plugins.

I’ll have a look into this. Though installing the demo started already promising. First a cumbersome registration, then tried to install the demo, bluescreen after reboot and no way to uninstall them properly anymore, trying to reinstall and it says my demo expired. :blink:

I’ll keep you informed.

Instruments can also be VSTi :wink: That’s what I had in mind. Try saving instrument which is actually a plugin, then load it back, you’ll see.

I’ll consider instrument scanning for an update, just need to figure out some infos first. :)

I’ve updated the program to version 1.01.

A bug in the xml parser was fixed, which sometimes missed some plugins and i’ve also added a registry scanning method for Waves plugins. Would be great if someone who owns these could test this functionality, since i’m not 100% sure if it works correct in all cases.

Mate, this is fantastic!

Just what I was after. Collaborations will be SO much easy to configure now…

I dont even need to open renoise to look at what plugs I have used!


(I dont suppose this works on a MAC does it? I dont know anything about MACs so I may be asking a very dumb question)


Glad it’s useful for you! A MAC version will not be available, at least not from me, since i don’t own one and don’t plan to buy one. Though if someone else wants to write a similar application for MAC, i’d support him with infos if necessary. The current code is written in C and relys heavily on the win API.

I’ll add that in the next update, good idea. :)

Thanks. :)

would it be to hard to add drag n drop support?

That would be quite difficult from C i suppose, since i’d need to do COM programmming. Can’t promise it, but i’ll see what i can do.