Adjusting volume when previewing samples ?


When browsing samples with the audio preview activated, is it possible to adjust the volume at each the samples are previewed ?


If you look at the bottom of the Disk Browser, you’ll find options to enable/disable the audio preview, change its volume, and also change which track it plays through.

Just make sure the browser category is set to either Instruments or Samples.

6993 renoise-disk-browser-pre-hear.png

Yes, I see it in Renoise. But the question is about Redux, for which in both Instr. and Samples mode the bottom of the column looks like this:

6994 redux2.png

But the question is about Redux

Le derp.

My apologies, I obviously missed that you posted this in the Redux section.

This option is indeed missing from the Redux plugin. The preview volume is simply governed by the volume of the plugin itself within whatever DAW you’re using.

Is it possible that we will see this option in a future updates?