Sample preview volume in Redux browser.

It will be 2 thread (this one was first) about i guess but when i bumped first one i not realised at 100% how i will be miss this function.

I need official answer as a customer: Why still no implemented this little function? It’s can’t be customised with Tools, it’s not complex as Automation Editor in Renoise, it’s not a timestretch or audio tracks or whatever complex example it can be.

It’s just a simplepreview volume in Redux browser… It was released in June 2015, right?

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Just sharing my own personal “unofficial” thoughts here…

I don’t remember exactly why the sample preview volume was removed from the Redux browser. I think it was just a general design choice that was made when trying to clean up the GUI?

It doesn’t seem like the forum has been flooded with requests for this thing anyway, so either most people didn’t notice that it was missing, or they simply didn’t care enough to mention it and managed to work around it somehow.

Either way, if it is really important to people after all, then it would probably make sense to have it back in Redux, for the guys such as yourself who do find it useful.

Yes, please! It’s very important thing!