Adobe'S Html5 Toolkit

anyone used this yet?

I’m curious how it works, and what your opinion on it is.

Seems pretty interesting:

I have actually wondered how long it would take for HTML5 to get an editor like this. The authoring environment definitely played a large part in making flash become so successful 15 years ago. Most creative minds don’t want to learn a framework like jQuery just to animate a few pictures, and text editors are not always the most inspiring things to work with, so there’s definitely room for something like this.

Btw: the edit-marker is a pretty novel and useful idea. We should take notice…

I was wondering how long it would take also, it seemed like it took a while.
I’m glad Adobe is getting on board and not trying to fight it anymore.

I’m thinking they need some kind of websockets support though.
Websockets is fucking Cool. :)

if they did that we could use this directly with renoise couldn’t we?
seems I recall renoise supporting websockets.

oh BTW, what do you guys think about Nodejs?

I linked to it in this thread asking about it, seems pretty damn cool:

also this isn’t too much related to the topic but it is in a way.
I know you’ve heard about jslinux right?
-linux running with js in your browser developed by this guy ?


a little tricky to setup but seriously cool shit! :D