Advanced Edit Radio Buttons Getting Quite Long

I noticed that the advanced edit radio buttons are taking up quite a lot of space, and figured, now would be a good time to slot in a proposal for a slightly different behaviour and layout.

Currently, making a selection is useless for the purposes of advanced edit operations if any radio button but “Selection in pattern” is selected. I propose that if there is a selection, any operation in this panel should apply to that, otherwise the radio-button setting takes precedence – as a “default” selection, if you will.

Proposed new compact layout attached.

Consequential changes:

  • Those keyboard-based operations which originally affected only the selection will instead use the radio-button setting if there is no selection. - All other column/track/song-wide ops are left unchanged - It should be easier to “deselect all” - clicking an existing single-cell selection once should deselect it (currently, you have to double-click to do this).
    EDIT: The word “in” in the mockup below should change to “of” if “Whole” is selected.

I like it.

I don’t like this part, just clicking around and moving you may select single cells. Selections stay in Pattern Editor as you navigate through different pattern and may well be off screen.

Other than that it’s a good idea and I proposed similar a couple of years ago.