Advanced Edit: Selection In Pattern Matrix

The title says it…
It’ll add more flexible editing possibilities to PM. So you can transpose different song parts simultaneously or expand/shrink them etc…

+1, sounds smart!

Kinda like my selection in pattern editor suggestion but for the new matrix ;)

Would have to be able to select non-sequential patterns for it to really come into its own (sorry not actually had a chance to play with 2.5 yet…)

Oh hells yes. +1503

Good idea. I guess it’d just have to be another radio button in advanced edit.

exactly what I meant ;)


Example: Many times you want to transpose a whole song, but not the tracks with drums. This is where a selection in the pattern matrix would be very handy as a filter in the advanced edit.


I once suggested this, before the Matrix was invented, which would of pretty much given you the same ability but without even needing a Matrix to do it.

Although not we do have a Matrix your way is probably easier ;)

Yes please