Advanced Editing

Hmm. Looks like there are some great tools for speeding up editing using the ‘Advanced Pattern Editor Operations’. But can I do this: Quickly select a certain note and have it altered to a different one? For example, all the C-3 notes get selected (using the left mouse button) and then changed to F#3? To try out how that would sound? And can an instrument be selected (say, 01) so that I can move (or delete) all the notes played with that instrument?

And how do you use the animated emoticons? When I dragged one across, I just got this:

First, make a selection. Then transpose the selection using the keyboard shortcuts (fast), or by using the advanced edit panel (slow)
If you want to transpose the column, track, pattern - same thing, just find the right keyboard shortcut or use adv. edit.

Unless you mean “move in time”, not “move in pitch”, this is the tool for you: http://forum.renoise…se-instruments/

Again, you can also use the advanced edit to transpose all notes for a specific instrument, but you’re limited to pitch.
If you meant “move in time”, you can perhaps put your instrument inside a specific track, and use the track delay (see below)

… Or just use the good old native delay FX with equal left/right delay and no feedback?

I click’em

this tool is good buddy for such tasks

I don’t believe so, especially not with the mouse as broken selection can not be made (like you can with Crtl+Click in the Disk Op.) So unless all the notes you want to change are in a note column on their own the native functions may not be suitable. The tool IT-Alien has pointed you at should do the job nicely though.

Yes. You can select an Instrument and then you have a few options. To try seeing what it’s like without it playing you could remap it to an instrument with no sound or set all volumes to 0 from within Advanced Edit. There is also the Nudge option if you wanted to move all notes up or down by a certain amount, which you can apply to all instruments within affected area or only to a specific one.

I think you just click on it, don’t try to drag and drop it.

If you meant “move in time”, you can perhaps put your instrument inside a specific track, and use the track delay (see below)

Hi Danoise,

I meant move an instrument to another track. I might have several instruments in one track. Instead of hunting for all the notes played be (say) the 001 instrument, can all these notes be automatically selected and dragged across to another track?

Oops. Should have thought of clicking on the emoticon :blush:

Wow! That tool looks fantastic for replacing note values. Thanks, IT-Alien


Here is me testing the tool (changing all the C-400 notes to F#400 ones).