Adventure Games

I play various games, from fps to puzzles. But adventure games were always my most favorite once since the discovery of King’s Quest in the early 8086 days…
And as i was not the only one, everyone in the neighbourhood were fanatically playing along on their own system and we shared solutions on the street how to resolve various quests.

Specially if the game had a load pack of humor, you would see me playing it.
I have some favorites, like Simon the Sorcerer, Day of the Tentacle, Secret of Monkey Island and a combination of an FPS and adventure in one:No one lives forever.

The Secret of Monkey island got re-released in 2009 in a special edition. It was fun to replay the old tale in a new jacket. (However with one simple hotkey you could switch instantly to the old CGA version to play the actual old-skool version).

Not to forget, the Tomb Raider series and the likes.

Most games take me some small 12 to 20 hours to finish.

There haven’t been much games that i could not beat within these 20 hours, but as soon as i got Okami in my posession, that changed…
For this game to complete, i needed 67 days and spend an actual 48:30 hours to get it done.
Originally it was released on the PS2 in 2005, in 2009 it got rereleased on the Wii.
It is not as huge as a game like Zelda and the Twilight princess, but the graphic style is fantastic, the music is fabulous and the stories and characters are great and it comes with a nice game-play feature:brush techniques.
In overall this game is not too hard, it has a few annoying challenges though, but the game is really worth to have in you collection if you like adventure games with a different twist. The Wii version comes in a cinematic resolution and looks a lot more colorfull than the Ps2 version.


Are there any more adventure games like this out there that take this amount of time (or more) to finish?

If you don’t mind old-school graphics and if you are not already familiar with it: try downloading ScummVM, and search for a games torrent.

Good old-school adventure games (that were not on your list): Beneath a Steel Sky, Legend of Kyrandia (a bit twee, but very King’s Quest), Flight of the Amazon Queen and a few others. Check out

You could also check out the Adventure Game Studio home pages and forums, for those who love adventure games, especially making them:

A while ago I played though Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis, using a walkthrough from Youtube a couple times. After playing I understood why I didn’t play it back in the days… some of the puzzles are totally illogical and it relies on pure luck on several occasions (if you missed hovering the mouse on that one pixel, tough for you… will cost you a few hours unless you take a peek at the walkthrough).

Monkey Island was the first and maybe only game that I really, really wanted to have and which kinda made me happy (you know, like some movies or books do… not just killing time but actual nourishment haha). I guess the wonderful music plays a big part in that. And Monkey Island 2… was so great we didn’t mind swapping 11 disks. Nuff said. (although I have to admit I didn’t exactly mind playing it with a harddrive later on, either :P). And oh, DOTT.

Yeah, anybody who hasn’t played these should do so to become a more complete human being.

Lure of the Temptress I never played much, but I guess fans of the genre should check it out. The interface is kinda slick and you can send people around to do stuff huh.

Beneath a Steel Sky is very good, and also free these days.

Also: Leisure Suit Larry!! I got Larry 1-3 when I was 11 years old… Ohhh how much time I spent trying to get the full score on that age check :lol: But it goes downhill from there… well, Larry 5 is okay, but anything after that you play at your own risk.

Cruise for a Corpse I never had a chance to play, but I faintly remember it as looking great and having good reviews. No idea how long though.

Kult: The Temple of Flying Saucers doesn’t fit in this list (it’s short and kinda random) but you should still try it IF you’re a child and don’t know English. It’s an experience for sure ^^

I remember playing a Star Trek-game which was kinda like them games you mention. I have no idea what the full name is and I played it on the Amiga 1200. You basically had to have a harddrive otherwise you’d die switching disks all the time. The graphics were awesome and animation as well. I don’t know if it was released on PC’s, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t, being such a good looking game and all.

Oh, almost forgot: Maniac Mansion.

Infinite +1 for Day Of The Tentacle… woah I had so much fun playing that :)

and let’s not forget - another Lucas Arts treasure:

:yeah: :guitar: :drummer:

maybe not the best “gameplay”… but hell, the atmosphere just ROX :D


Liked adventure games but not so much the point and click stuff. More into my RPGs but never really got into online/MMORPGs as they eat your life away. Ishar and Eye Of The Beholder series on the Amiga, not so much the well known PC ones though.

RTS strategy is also fun and been meaning to sort out installing Glest on mine and my housemates computers for a bit of free killing of each other.

Owh goody… i forgot that one… You however forgot “Another World” (Flashback’s predecessor which has a great story)…

You can download the demo here as well…

Both are awesome but actually have nothing to do with oneanother. Don’t know why people still think that Flashback is a successor of Another World. Maybe it’s the animation style. Oh, and it’s great fun to play Flashback on modern systems with the updated engine, called Reminiscence. You can even play on Linux :D

Well, Flashback has no code from Eric Chahi, but Delphine Software created both games. So they both sort of share the same spirit.

anyone played Machinarium? It’s all in Flash so there’s a demo online here:

Beautiful artwork

Always a fan and I even got to work on the 4th one. :ph34r:

OK downloaded the source files and what looks to be the original DOS data files but have never compiled anything for Linux and not quite sure how I’m supposed to do it…


unpack the file somewhere, enter the directory (as in “cd blah” via a terminal window, not the file manager), type “make”… and report what happens. what Linux distro are you on?

Had done a quick search on Compiling and Makefile and come across this which wasn’t as clear or concise as one would hope. Had a very busy, hard work weekend putting on a party so not much energy to spend searching and reading yesterday (still recovering today to be honest and should try and get my head around doing html menus for my website really…)

As simple as that hey. Installed G++ through Synaptic but can’t see sdl-config. Running Ubuntu and looking at the link to SDL from REminiscence’s page and the have source code (which again not sure what I would do with,) RPM packages, which I believe are for RedHat Linux variants, or a link to Debian packages page where it isn’t clear what I need to download.

Anyway this is the full text I get after doing a make.

Think I may also need to change data to DATA…

have a look for packages like sdl (you likely have that already tho), sdl-devel/src/sources/etc. you get the idea, zlib-devel/same-thing?

I’m just as clueless, but hey, at least I’m trying, right :P

as for your website, or any website really, a list apart is among the bestest friends you can possibly have:


Also playing adventures here since i had my hands on a computer back then. I don’t know of any specific one, which last that long though. I’ll mention a few of the newer titles here, since everyone knows the classics anyway. Also i’m more into the mystery / crime / adventure “around the world” sort of and can enjoy even lighter ones with a good story. A lot of these can be bought very cheap here, so for the price of one full game you have lot’s of gameplay hours. :)

  • Black Mirror 1 was really awesome and lasted also pretty long
  • Black Mirror 2 is on my “to play” list
  • Broken Sword 1 and 2 are great, 3 was okish but the move to 3D and lot’s of box moving puzzles ruined it a bit, 4 was simply boring and i’ve deleted it after playing a bit into it
  • Broken Sword 2.5 freebie, continues the story after part 2 in a classic 2D style similar to the old ones
  • Secret Files of Tunguska 1 and 2, with 1 being a slightly better game but both worth playing IMO
  • Memento Mori
  • Dracula Origin is on my “to play” list
  • The Longest Journey, pretty old now and only mention it for the great second part, only played a bit into the demo but it’s a bit too old for me to appeal
  • Dreamfall, successor of The Longest Journey but now moved into a 3D world, simply awesome with sometimes slightly annoying fighting system, which can be forgiven though
  • Nibiru
  • Overclocked
  • Still Life 1
  • Maybe Still Life 2, now done in 3D, hasn’t that much in common anymore with the great first game
  • Syberia 1 and 2
  • The Moment of Silence, great sci-fi story and pretty long playtime, took me roughly 30 hours if i remember right
  • Undercover Operation Wintersun

Downloaded a bunch of sdl and zlib things and seemed to get further but a couple of Warning messages and don’t seem to be able to start the game but probably just doing something wrong. Anyway going to leave it for now, maybe come back to it at some point in the future.

Thanks for the link to AListApart, will have a proper look at that. Just want to do a basic, floating menu (or stationary pane) on the left but sure it’ll be helpful. All my html and css so far has been handcoded and learnt through w3c and and w3schools. wysiwyg html editors are for losers ;)

Came in here to suggest that very game. It’s amazing!

I still have those… great graphics and great story… could be a nice script for a Jim Henson or Tim Burton movie…
I did had to use walkthroughs for these games quite a few times though, i really got stuck on certain spots or puzzles where i had no idea where to go further.