New instruments are awesome, why not make them even more awesome with aftertouch? :)/>
My standard use case for this would be MPC-like note repeat or arps, for which it is kindof essential to have aftertouch mapped to the instrument volume, but there is ofc a lot more one could do with it (filter cut-offs, …).
Mapping could work as with any other midi input, just hold down a note long enough until it sends aftertouch, and then treat it as any other midi CC eg?
Or is it already possible and i’m just missing it?

No, it’s not. But it’s something I’d like to see too - especially as the Redux plugin will have to deal with a more limited input (Cubase does not have pattern effects) these thing become even more important.
So, +1 and don’t forget the Redux alpha/beta test program :wink:


It would be great to easily map aftertouch to any CC!