Ahpex Twin's Analords And Last Step

I am totally in love with all the songs from Analords. also, venetian snares has also released albums similar in style to analords under the name Last Step. if you have no idea what i’m talking about… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZP3hq67Fgg I really have no idea what genre they fall under, and i want to find more if anyone knows anything similar

it’s closest to “acid” which is a fun classic genre indeed. last step takes it to new time-signatures. and afx makes great tunes :)

check out Ceephax
and Fah :)

I didn’t realize last step was snares until recently, I really like that album though.
And yay for a new one!
Being snares, I wonder if any of it was made in renoise, or it was used for sequencing or anything.

woat , didn’t know about this one !!!

vibert/simmonds …lp’s rodulate and weirs …highly recommended !!!

it is polka.
or - seriously - experimental acid wank :)

if you like this kind of badly mastered atonal nonsense (hehe), get Expert Knob Twiddlers by “mike & rich” who are actually AFX and m-Ziq.

It sounds like the stuff VS does when he is last step is sequenced on a comp. its kinda weird when you think about how similar analords and last step stuff sounds even though aphex twin did it all analog machines

hahaha he probably sampled analord…

hah, i wouldn’t be surprised

  1. The Tuss
  2. The Tuss
  3. Ceephax
  4. Luke Vibert
  5. The Tuss

I love the tuss. cephax acid crew is good, and i’ve been diggin cylob alot. isnt it true that tuss=aphextwin?

It has been rumored…
Great music either way.
The analords are fucking ace. He’s just such a good composer.

I can’t believe I didn’t know about last step. I’m huge VS fan, I’m gonna have ti buy this on bleep. BTW around 4:40, scat singing!!!

This latest acid stuff is seriously interesting.

I remember a few months ago when all I was listening to was The Tuss and Analord.

hadn’t heard the new last step till now. it’s awesome :D

dont think your the only one who was trapped in this awesome stage of life :P

IMO the music speaks on its own : The Tuss can not be anybody else. There are so many things you ear in both Analords and The Tuss’ stuffs (without talking about the RDJ live video on youtube in which you can see him playing Rushup Bank).

And concerning Last Step, I think it’s really good but not as powerfull as Analord.

EDIT : Ow fuck i didn’t understand that there is a new Last Step release :D :D :D :D

I don’t know man, last step sounds alot like the tuss…
I wouldn’t be surprised if it was some sort of collaboration.

Global Goon has been taking a more acidy approach lately…

kaneel is the tuss

To my ears, The Tuss sounds warm, exactly like Analord series did, but there are some new (and digital I suppose) material, wich sounds more metallic, like the snare on Last Rushup, for example (I don’t think we have this type of snare drum in an analog rythmbox as the TB808 or 909…).
But there are so many other similar things to Analord or even Drukqs : some synth sounds, and also some special kind of rythms wich Aphex uses a lot (Fenix Funk, on Analord 10 is a good example for this type of rythm).

And, even if it also sounds analog, i think Last Step is colder, with more highs.