AKAI APC key25 light

So I’m recently getting back in the game, using Renoise for live purpouses and remapping buttons on my Key25, is there any way to make my buttons light up the way they do on Ableton Live for example? No dealbreaker if not, but it would be bloody awesome if it was possible.

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I’m doing this just for another MIDI controller. Maybe, you may be interested in reading this thread:

It is necessary to create a tool on purpose or settle for Duplex. Maybe it works for you.

Haven’t used Duplex, but in Java I played around with simple midi note commands for the pads and colours.
If I remember correctly it’s the same implementation as for the APC mini: :https://c.getsatisfaction.com/akai_professional/topics/midi-information-for-apc-mini

I tried Duplex, it’s okay but I can also simply use midi mapping, so that tool didn’t really make a difference in my book. And the link you provided was way to complex for me, I’m afraid. :smiley:

But thanks the same!