Akira Kiteshi - Sound On Sound Artist Interview

I didnt find it in any orevious post so Im posting a link here…


This is a “Sound on Sound” Artist interview with Akira Kiteshi.


“Tommy Forrest eschews conventional DAWs in favour of the Renoise tracker”

“Forrest also attributes part of his distinctive sound to his software of choice: the affordable ‘tracker’ DAW, Renoise. “To be honest, I think a lot of it comes from the timing in Renoise. I’ve dabbled in studios with everything, Pro Tools, Logic, but in my own studio, everything has been done with Renoise”

“Forrest embraced the learning process of mastering Renoise and in turn let this take his music in new directions. “Now that I’ve got to the album, some of the tracks have micro-edits going on, crazy re-triggering modulation things going where you can hear that I’ve obviously learnt more in Renoise.”

““The key is resampling. It’s all about resampling. I’ll start off, maybe in [NI] Reaktor or Massive or the MS10, and then I’ll sample it. Then I’ll record it into Renoise. Then I’ll resample it again from within Renoise to add more effects to it.” - here he’s talking about how he gets his bass sounds.

Here is the track Pinball which he states was one of the first tunes he did on renoise