Allow to swap selection key for pattern editor (alt+shift vs shift)

The new alt+shift forgranularselection is great. But i would swap the key combination. So shift would be the new granularselection mode and alt+shift the old selection mode.

I mentioned something here: is related, andI mention this becausebeforein another post…

I think that instead of asking certain fixed commands for mouse,it would be better to add a new section in “Preferences”, below “Keys"called"Mouse” or “Clicks” (keyboard assignements and mouse assignements also):



Keys (you could change the keys of keyboard here; CTRL+B, CTRL+E, SHIFT+ALT+A, SHIFT+ALT+Z, etc.)

Clicks <-------- (new)


In “Clicks” is the assignment about Clicks Mouse + Keys ,all configurable.This will allow what you demand and more.

Eg: you could change the keys here: SHIFT+Click, ALT+Click, SHIFT+ALT+Click, CTRL+Click, etc… (in Pattern Editor / Selection, Matrix / Selection, etc.)

All this could be in"Clicks", o well, everything inside of “Keys”.I prefer separately,to order. When I have time I will try to make a screen capture modified, to see how it would be. All commands saved in “KeyBindings.xml”.

I’ll put in another post as a new suggestion…

In this case, I would have changed" SHIFT + ALT + Click", per " ALT + Click", simply.The user is who decides.