[Already Exist] A Couple Of Things That Would Make It So Much Better

I really, really like Renoise, but a couple of missing features can make a little bit frustrating to use:

– Metronome on / off toggle + volume slider (maybe next to the overall volume?). To be honest I’m surprised this isn’t already a feature. I notice there’s a request for it, starting in 2008(!) here, so I guess it’s probably not a priority :D Metronome Volume

– Ability to press play anywhere in a pattern and Renoise magically play from there, including any samples that would normally be playing but you didn’t happen to trigger, at their correct offsets. Would be so handy…

I swear I had another one but it’s since escaped me…

It’s still great though :)

You can already do this.

  • Look into the feature called Autoseek; on a per Instrument basis. It’s not turned on by default to save CPU.
  • Look for the Play From Cursor shortcut (Shift + Space by default)


Fantastic! Thanks so much (and silly me for not realising what those things meant… :s )