Alternate Sources of Impulse Responses in Convolver DSP device

(phasebash) #1

I would like to see alternative sources for Impulse Responses in the Convolver DSP device, beyond disk-only. Being able to select a sample/buffer from the samples list from all instruments would be a good start.

This would enable users to truly build and apply impulse responses directly from Renoise without having to go a 3rd party editor.

Example workflow: capture “essence” of modular analog signal path

  1. Make impulse sample in Renoise, say, 100 samples at 1, the rest at 0. Just a big click.
  2. Apply sample to track for 8 steps
  3. Sample the click passing through modular patch
  4. Select New Sample as IR to Convolver
  5. Profit

The limits of convolution still apply (linear, time invariant systems… so not all modulations will be captured).

As for the method of Sample selection, I have no specific requirements for this, but I assume the following could help:

  1. filtering samples in the pool by a search term
  2. organizing samples in pool by instrument, Set, etc

Sorry if I’ve overlooked existing solutions.

List of feature suggestions for Renoise
(esp81) #2

Agreed! +1

(centipus) #3

yes I like this idea! +!

(gentleclockdivider) #4

I would love to see the waveform of the impulse loaded … + start marker end marker

(zeitgeber) #5

+1 bump

missed opportunity being unable to edit and use the impulse inside the Renoise environment.