Alternate Vst Editing Idea...

I know it’s possible to change a good portion of VST settings per note by using pattern commands and automation, but it’s really kind of ‘blind’…

I was thinking of someting along the lines of PSPSeq for editing VST commands (just as an alternative)…

Here’s how it would work:

1.) Place the note in the pattern.
2.) Double click the note and it will open the VST automatically.
3.) Set all the knobs the way you want them to be and hit ENTER.
4.) That note now has all the peramters set for it…no limits.

You could even work in interpolation between notes with all knobs like this…idea of how it’d work.

1.) Set first and last note VST knob settings as mentioned before.
2.) Return to first note and double click to open VST-settings window.
3.) Shift click all knobs you want to interpolate.
4.) Exit that window.
5.) Shift click the last note. All selected knobs are interpolated to it for a smooth change.

It’s a shame that there’s not any program out there where you can see all parameters of a VST at once to edit them, much less smoothly shift all these parameters between notes. Renoise would essentially be the first to offer this…

If there are effects on the track, you could edit like this as well by double clicking the note and using left and right keys to shift between which vst assigned to the note/track to edit. This would open up lots of possibilities for extreme editing control…

Have you seen this Chain State Blender Metadevice idea?

Cool idea, but it seems that it would affect only internal devices…specifically effects?

Also, how many snapshots would it be able to hold? And my biggest peeve of all sequencers right now is the inability to just say “Screw it, I’m gonna change every damn knob in the middle of the song…for EVERY NOTE”…

This x-morph concept is really cool, but making it free flowing in terms that you can set all parameters per note should be included somewhere…if a freeware PSP music program can do it, why can’t commercial sequencers?!

Anyway, hope your idea makes it into the program…that would definately be a great start towards real freedom.


An example would be to use, say, synth one as a standalone drum machine…for one note, you have a kick drum setup, the next note is a closed high hat, the third note is a snare…then when you go back to the kick, say, you used a triangle wave…i want it cruchy for that specific kick so i switch it up to use not one but two squares at 50% duty cycle. Then the next high hat will have a lower high pass setting with saturation, the next snare will turn on the built in distortion and delay effects…you get my drift now? It’s the ability to say, “I WANT COMPLETE CHAOS CONTROL”. :)

Yeah, the morphing idea have some issues that needs to be ironed out. It would be useable with any slider/button that you can automate. Unlimited snapshot slots would be really nice, but I’m not sure how that would fit into a chainstate meta device.