Amazing voice/singing synthesis tech

There is a mp3 sample on there.

:o :blink:


astonished… now i could finally add stupid “I love you more than you love him” lyrics to my music! :D

seriously, it’s not very clear if this product is yet available, nor where to eventually get it.


Will probably cost a fortune

This is a great invention.

wow, i’m very impressed. though it still sounds definitely synthetic (95% perfect, but the 5% that sounds just a little weird is a dead giveaway of its fakeness), so i think it’s a little pointless to release it in its present form*.

also, the site makes no mention of the ability to modify the voices, so the way i see it is you’ve basically got these two singers that the entire world’s gonna be sick to death with four hours after the commercial release.

so yeah, i think it’s a f****ing amazing invention, but pointless. :P

*though i’m sure with this type of technology you could make some very interesting ‘deliberately artificial’ vocals

Imagine the market for pop singers. Christina Aguilera and Mariah Carey could make their own sample sets for sale, so you can have them sing your tunes. :lol:

This is also pretty impressive

Hello Stephen Hawking! :P

doesnt anyone wonder why the dude is singing some foreign language ? I would like to hear english to be able to judge it …

it’s because yamaha is a hungarian company

Right. Next you’re probably going to say Renoise was made in Japan… :P

I think that another reason for it is that english has an higher number of phonems than “hungarian”.

The page says that construction of english font is in progress, though.

It’s Japanese… :D


wasn’t Hungary a Japan province? :huh:

(btw, me and gwilym were ironic <_< )

(actually, I still am :) )


:huh: doh! Stephen Hawking from the Vietcong game, you mean? :blink:

(or am I paranoid? I spent hrs into those f****ing vietcong underground tunnels and now I’m speaking all the time like
“Roger on that, six, it’s full of VC but thei’re all KIA, over and out…” )


I meant Stephen Hawking, as in the Stephen Hawking, whose disabilties render him unable to speak. However, he has a speech synthesizer which sounds a lot like the one. Hence my comment. :D

The old Text-To-Speech application that used to be bundled with Sound Blaster Cards could also “sing”.

“London bridge is falling down… falling down… falling down” :blink:
shudders :ph34r:

Do you remember this?

hehe. Yeah, I remember it. It came with my awe32. It worked impressive for its time but I found it kinda hard to program songs with it.
And they wouldn’t sound authentic anyway. But this new singing synth…wow. Well, I’d also say that it still sounds particulary synthetic. But having it in English might be useful. And for short lyrics it’d be enough, hm? ;)

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I’m thinking background vocals…
Would be fun.