Amigaone X1000

AmigaOne X1000 is coming!…or_Dualcore_PPC

:D :dribble:

Hopefully it wont be another failure-project in the future. :unsure:

So who is going to buy Taktik one so we can have a Renoise port? ;)

Unfortunately very likely true, especially as they seem to be targeting at a very niche, quite high end market. The only way I could see it really taking off is with the backing of some kind of big names such as Avid, Pro Tools or Silicone Graphics but I don’t see it happening. Maybe we’ll all be surprised though…

But what a beast to run Octamed on ;)

So what does a Dual core PowerPC ISA 2.04 (clocked at 1.8 GHz?) compare to in the Intel/AMD world? Doesn’t seem like much???

Well the Cell Microprocessor used in the Playstation 3 is a PowerPC ISA 2.03 running 7 cores at 3.2GHz if my reading is correct so no, it really doesn’t sound like that much does it…

I think the advanage lies in the arcitecture of the CPU.
Programmable? does this mean it can contain embedded os thingies like the original ROM chips?

That is a co-processor called XENA… But they say that one has the power of about six 68060s… Well… With WinUAE on my AMD 5200 x2, my emulated 68040 has abot 23 times the power of a real 68060…

I think we have to wait as the only “secret” left is the CPU.

I am curious to what point the custom chips/other stuff in it can be programmed.

But yeah its just a matter of waiting. see if it goes anywhere or just another pointless try to revive Amiga.

Interested to see what happens here. They should seriously consider making an amiga netbook… it might fly ;)

When you throw it out the window yeah? ;)

Anyone wanna match bet against me if this will be a success or not? I bet my house, car, personal belongings (including the clothes I wear) plus all my money.


Amiga OS4 just flies on my A1XE 800 Mhrtz :D

I will buy 4 sure when and if this comes out, and then a Renoise port please :dribble:

Amiga isn’t about hrtz but more like how smooth an OS can be with such small raw cpu power B)

You’re supposed to tell us which side you’re on

800 hertz? That would be less than 1 megahetz in a Vic-20…

Well, I used amigas for many years… When I finally got Windows 95, I was surprised that you could use a computer for days without any system crashes… ;)

Okey, typo there on the speed thing
Win95 without crash??

Thats a new one :w00t:

It crashed now and then, but nothing compared to classic amigas with no memory protection at all…

Modern Windows Vista / Windows 7 is quite stable. All program faults gets recorded in the reliability and performance monitor so I can see when the latest crash was… And it was four months ago, 2009-09-03 (Says "Computer wasn’t shut down correctly, so I guess that could have been a crash).

Thats just it, you have to shut the system down, with amiga you just hit the off switch.
Thats the charm with amiga systems, and its so easy to maintain and boots fast.
And you find all system files where you expect to find them.
And the OS does what you want it to do with minimal system resources.

But i see that you are more of a windows man than a Amiga man like me so i think we call it the quits now :)


Tjena Grabben ;)

Är du svensk?

For what applications are you using your amiga? Can you even play flash games on it?

I was a die hard amiga fan until 1999. I only have experience of AmigaOS up to 3.9. Check out my own software if you like:

Nope Norsk :D

I’ve been using my Amiga’s for mostly music with Radium Midi Sequencer and Bars & Pipes and Studio16 and OSS.
I just love everything about Amiga’s from the old demo scene(been around since 86)

Nice collection of small utils/apps on your cite :) Cool :)

PS, yes Amiga has Flash players but ive never tried out flash games on it.