An easier way to create this clap loop/roll (tripplets)

First: the sound that I want to re-create is this one: ( @ 0.29)

The way I did it now:

I imported the original soundfile in Sony Acid…, I imported my own claps, set the timing in Acid to 64th note tripplets , and then I layered my own claps below the original soundfile to let 'm sound the same. Then I rendered the part with only my own claps in Acid, imported it in Renoise, cut it up in slices and than I used the slices to midi tool. After that, I got pattern with delay values and the notes are all on the places where i want them to be.

But really… there has to be a way too do this easier?

By the way: I’m working on 8 LPB and i don’t wanna change that. I know this might work if I will change the LPB to 12 , but for me, that’s no option because I will have to change my whole workflow.

there has to be a way too do this easier?

Yep :slight_smile:

I think you may have over analysed this clip a little bit, and you’re imagining that there’s more to it than there really is.

Quite simply, there’s no triplets involved, it’s just a sequence of 16th notes (every 2nd pattern line @ 8 LPB) with a bit of shuffle/groove applied to the alternating notes.

The easiest way to get this shuffled sound — especially when working with funky house music — is to tweak the groove settings in the Master track. Set all of the groove sliders to around 25-30% for a really nice swing that will give some quick funky vibes to your tracks.

Anyway… I had a few minutes to kill, so I’ve done this quick recreation of the song for you:

5821 dblue-2015-08-01-house-music.xrns

Go to the Master track and try toggling the groove on/off to hear the difference.

Thats a greatrecreation dblue :slight_smile: Well done.

Nicely done, but what if I don’t want this groove on my bassline?

Nicely done, but what if I don’t want this groove on my bassline?

Then simply use the note delay column and apply some delay to alternating 16th notes.

You may have to experiment a bit to find a value that feels nice. I suggest starting with a delay of around 70-80 and then tweaking it from there.

5822 dblue-2015-08-01-house-music-no-groove.xrns

thanks for the great help!!