New Tool (3.0): Slices to Midi notes

An experimental mashup of my Easy Tune tool and dblue’s Slices to Pattern tool.

3906 Screen shot 2013-03-07 at 21.17.21.png

It detects the pitch of each slice and writes the note values to the pattern. Usage is pretty much the same as Slices to Pattern with an added GUI that lets you select the destination instrument and also a low pass filter control for fine tuning the pitch detection.

Pitch detection can vary depending on the type of sample, it is by no means as good as something like melodyne and is really more of a fun experiment/proof of concept…

Video shows it in action…

Get it on the tools page here:

Haha, very cool :)

Instant cool-award…
Sing your song instead of jamming it in.

Haha, thanks

Hmm, this could evolve into something that lets you record a sample first and then write in the notes… If only slicing was scriptable!!

holy o0 !!!

testing now… having GREAT FUN :w00t:/>

thanks! nice day to release… B)/>

Thank you.

Thank you!!! :D

Haha, I just realised what you meant by that… I guess I won’t need to upgrade now

Thank you sir! B)

What for an great idea! :)
Thanks a lot!!!

this could become something really great if it was worked on a lot more! <3 this

Thanks, do you have suggestion on what you would like to see added?

Currently I’m thinking about:

  • Volume/Velocity detection.
  • Better and automatic slice detection, the built in slicer is good for drums but not so good for melodic loops where the pitch changes but volume doesn’t.
  • Better pitch detection and no need for the filter control.

The first one is easy to do, the next two are a lot more difficult, I really need to get my head around FFT


Updated to 0.2 - Detects note volume (using RMS or Peak) and writes it to the pattern.

See OP for download…

hey ya, i seem to be getting this when opening renoise…(and when i dragged the tool onto renoise to install)

ScriptingTools: Initializing Scripting Tool: ‘C:\Users\slippy\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.1\Scripts\Tools\de.cie-online.LiveDive.xrnx’…

ScriptingEngine: main.lua: bad header in precompiled chunk

Error Message: ‘C:\Users\slippy\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.1\Scripts\Tools\de.cie-online.LiveDive.xrnx’ failed to load.
Error Message: Please remove this tool or contact the author (Cie | for assistance…
Error Message: main.lua: bad header in precompiled chunk

Looks like the error is to do with the ‘LiveDive’ tool, maybe you should post in that thread? :)

ahh, sorry, i was throwing posts around without checking their trajectory…duh…

Thanks! :yeah:

Is it possible you create a hack version of this tool that uses the pitches of slices to set the pitch envelope of a destination instrument? (The pitch envelope in the instrument settings)

Maybe you can look into vV’s arpeggiator tool code in which he does something similar, using the note-event value’s in the pattern editor to set the pitch envelope.

I think it’s possible and its a great idea, it will take me a while to get onto it as I have little free time at the moment but I will try add this to the next version.
BTW, big respect to you for consistently coming up with great ideas and feature suggestions for tools, its probably as (if not more) valuable than being able to code… keep em coming

Nice to hear you take it into consideration! :drummer:

Hah, thanks for the incentive, this makes me feel less ashamed next time I see a tool option and post up another request ;) .