An Idea For Making Sample Offset 'slicing' Much Easier

I had an idea today. Sample offset slicing is a really quick, easy and non-destructive way to chop up beats and other samples, however, it’s often tricky to know exactly which offset value to use. This becomes especially apparent with loosely played drum loops. At the moment, if you want to find the optimal offset value the easiest way (for me at least) is to go to the sample editor and use the offset ruler guide to see where the particular transient falls. The next step is to then go back into the pattern editor and type this value in.

I reckon there could be a much easier way to do this - a command that adds a note and an offset value to the current pattern.

Say you have a really loose break that you can see has a snare at 0944. Usually you would switch back and input this value into the pattern editor. What I’m suggesting is being able to click on the waveform (whilst holding a key I’d imagine) and have a note and 0900 offset value automatically added to the pattern. This is where edit steps come in handy. You can easily see how quickly the next transient comes along, usually it’s 4 or 2 ticks later, so all you would do is set the edit step accordingly. The same would then be done for each section you want to chop. That’s it!

I think this could speed up sample, particularly drum loop, slicing considerably. All you would have to do is point the mouse to the place you want to chop, then click. Even a whole break could be done very quickly this way.

Sound useful at all to anyone?


to me … sounds awesome! i’m goofing around with long samples by myself and i get a hard time to slice them nicely. but your idea would help alot.

Sounds kinda cool, but user definable offsets would be faster to track… and allow for better resolution ;)

Yeah 00-FF is not enough for long samples or high bpms. Given the choice I would definitely prefer a user defined beat slicer! I just figured this would be a lot easier to implement - I know nothing about coding though ^_^

This topic triggers an idea… and that is being able to assign different offsets of a sample to different notes in instrument editor. This way a loop can easily be converted to a drum kit.

Yes it would be nice indeed. I suggested something like that a while ago:…c=11404&hl=

Sound like a really nice idea. Though I hardly never use breaks.

It would work even better if you were able to detach the sample editor.

And even much better if you were able to detach everything… ;)

-100000 for detaching anything! One of the best things about Renoise is that there aren’t loads of floating windows.