Another Question On How To Make This Kind Of Wobble

i have tried every trick i know and cant get this sound , filter+lfo with different chipsounds/singlecycles, also volume+lfo and cant get it, perhaps someone knows how to make similar sound to this :)
heres the link : the wobble starts at 0:52, ty in advance!

its a square mixed with sine wave,with ni massive its a piece of piss.square/sine wave on osc1 with wt at about 3/4 sent to daft filter with an lfo on the cutoff,thats pretty much it,obviously beef it up with good processing.change lfo speed to change the rate of wobble.and get the resonance right to hear the amount of warble you want

I already had Renoise open with another wobble bass thing I did recently, so it only took me a few minutes to change that into something that sounds pretty similar to that Lil’ Wayne track:

Can’t stand the dude myself, but there you go :)

wow thanks to both of you!!! :)
and you think i can stand him?..haha, no way:D just liked the wobble :)
again thanks! :)

thanks for this example, I noticed it says “rendered selection 01”, how was that “naive square wave” created/rendered?

regards, james

The “rendered selection 01” part was left over from an earlier thing I was doing with the song before making this example. I actually just drew the square wave in there by hand using the sample editor’s drawing tool.

For what it’s worth, this incredibly basic “naive” (also known as “ideal”) form of square wave is not really suitable to be used on its own, since it is not properly anti-aliased and will introduce distortion according to Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, but after the heavy lowpass filter it’s somewhat ok since most of the high frequency content has been removed.

It’s also not tuned properly :D