Another Tracker In Development...

Was browsing KVR Audio and found out about this new tracker called BeRoTracker. Still in Pre-Alpha status so I guess there’s
a lot of bugs. Haven’t tried it myself and I probably won’t, since the beta of Renoise now works pretty well.

For those of you that wan’t to check it out, here’s the link:
Benjamin Rosseaux BeRoTracker


Anders Kallander

i think it’s based on modplug - or not - it’s written in pascal … maybe something of the ui-stuff is adapted … nevertheless very interessting and great support for old mod-types … looks good

From the forum…

"There are rumors that BeRoTracker is ripped from the ModPlug Sources.
Those are not true, because the BeRoTracker was started before ModPlug became OpenSource (*) and BeRoTracker is written in Object Pascal / Delphi "

I´m very skeptic…

It looks horrible…

There is a lot of new trackers on the Net like Cocklap ( ), MMAMD ( ), Buzzle ( ), Cyanphase’s new stuff (, etg… So I’m very skeptic too but we have to trust in the future. ;)

don’t forget it can also be run as VSTi.
That might be a way to work on mod/xm/it files within renoise, as it can reproduce these formats way better than renoise.
It can host plugins, that means you can use senderella to send multi-out streams to renoise without latency.

On the downside, it seems to be a real cpu hog, even with interpolation turned off. The piano roll implementation also doesn’t seem to be the cleverest one as it is trackbased rather than instrument based, and tracks are monophonic :-/

ah, and the guy also wrote his own plugin format!
I know nothing about it right now, but I’d say a plugin format that’s especially designed for tracker usage is a great thing for the whole tracker-community!

yes, I agree here. Imagine synths that can be fully controlled using standard tracker-commands. :love:

I’m the author of BeRoTracker

Here are some pascal source parts of “my” tracker playerengine

If I mean “it is written in pascal”, then it is written in pascal :D

I have suggested this before, but now is a good time to vent it again.

I think some standard effects can be converted to midi controllers. Especially pitchslides/vibrato, volume and arppegio commands should be possible to some degree, if the implementation sent out interpolated midiCC values just as native effects.
I know there are implications, but screw that, just implement as good as it can. :)

Good idea, this is now on my todo list ;)

wasnt AXS (another experimental synth) one of those?
you just press capslock an change the knobs

now i just need to remember how to slave this to renoise :D

Woot! Did miss the part that it was written in Pascal (Free Pascal & Delphi).
Did some programming in Free Pascal a while ago (not audio though, except for a wav player using DirectX )

Noticed that you released the player engine, now I’m just wondering if this is going to be an opensource project ?

I checked your webpage and found this : My playerengine is extremly easy portable for other systems (with FreePascal) but the tracker itself is win32 only yet, but I will write a portable version later…

I know that this could mean that you are planning to release binary packages for different systems.
Just curious if the source will be public, since I do like programming pascal, and always wanted to know how a tracker is built up.


Anders Kallander

It’s not a open source project. The source parts should show only, that it is written in pascal.

after already working a year or longer on his own tracker he might not be too interested into abandoning it and join renoise one might suspect…

Well you must be right…I tried it out it acctually has quite a lot of funtionality allready…

This one can certainly become a really good tracker…

Edit, I removed my stupid reply on this thread :)

Hey, AXS being mentioned makes memories come back. I learned how to use a synths with this (DOS) software. I sampled alot stuff to use it in FT2 later.

I guess it’s not being developed anymore?

Isn’t that the whole point of Renoise ?

This is an honest question, I’d like to understand more. ;)

I’m not quite sure what you mean here. But there have been many discussions about having note volume, glide to note, envelopes etc for VSTi’s. And that is not possible because VSTi’s have limited ways of controlling it, and volume is one. Only the volume of the whole instrument/channel of a VSTi can be controlled, not of a single note.

So the idea of own softsynth plug-ins especially made for trackers is quite nice. Then we could overcome those VSTi limitations. Then there has been some talk about doing a common plug-in API that could be used for all trackers, which would mean more plug-ins of course. That’s what’s it about. And sorry if I explained things that were already obivious to you :)

i would rather prefer online PHP tracker, that would be something really new at least.