Antialiased graphics everywhere


would it be too CPU heavy to also apply the antialiased lines e.g. in the track scopes, sample waveform editor…?

The spectrum view and the new envelope editor already have them.

It would definately look nicer :)/>

It would first be useful to know if the UI is drawn with GPU acceleration.

I was just thinking he opposite , the antialised linbes in the env.editor introduce a slight lag in response .
If feels less smooth …
I vote for an option to disable …I prefer performance over eyecandy

Exactly. :)

Hmmm .I don’t get it …you wan’t more antialising , smoother graphics …
I want an option to disble them ( to preserve cpu juice ) ,so why do you agree .
I love fancy guis , but I feel they are taking a bit too much resources right now , especially the envelop

Graphic antialiasing in the waveform window can be misleading …
For example , when you draw a 336 ( or any number ) samples long wave file , when zooming in you can see the actual samples , but when antialiased every sample will not be represented by 1 line, but by multiple lines .
Unless , the antialising filter would automatically be turned of when reaching a high zoom level , then it would work I think

It would be nice to have anti aliases lines everywhere where possible, but to have the option to turn it off if you don’t want it. That’s what I agree with.


Yep, that’s true. Or the individual samples could be somehow shown on the line like this:

4452 sample.jpg