Any news for future versions ?

(LofiMat) #161

holy cow! I will know buzz better than my own pocket(if you can adapt this german saying like this into english) before renoise small bugfix 2 will be released in april 2022. many thanks for the insight & keep on buzzing.

that buzzing gif got me so excited that I forgot to write the last half of my sentence.

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ello fr3@qs, this is TICTAC…eh TACTIK and i wanna give you a short lineup of what renoise 4 is beeing capable soon (xmas). renoise is coming with a modular holographic interface. it gets a new audio engine (256bit, 9867462khz) and supports vst5 (128 bit) and auto installs every plugin (for free) with symlink installer. you just have to pick what you want from a list and it also installs the preset packs automatically. the new plugin interface works with alexa and features auto setups regarding to your installed hardware. the holographic interface shows you the possibilities on an extra window. when it comes to beat- or melodymaking, renoise 4 autocreates them by measuring your brainwaves with the built in eeg sensor. the a.i. system of renoise alters your tracks and songs in a modern way, so YOU can decide what you want to keep and what is being deleted. last but not least, renoise 4 will get a creativity-button which means that you could generate a new world song with just one click. this song is what WE call a WALL OF SOUND. it is the song, you ever dreamed about to create. it is creativity @ 1 click. a last w0rd…be happy with what you already got and make the most out of it! PEACE!

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:badteeth:You guys are funny


No wonder Taktik and/or Danoise has not posted in this amazing thread, there is no slice of Sononym dohnut left :unsure:

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Same dohnutwith total number of likes please.


Same dohnut with total number of likes please.

I’ll let our resident master statistician soko do that bit of counting Dac :slight_smile:

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Don’t laugh. It is not fair making fun of dependent people. Like people strongly craving news for renoise future.

There is one spooky thing about it though.

The team might actually put a post with some info somewhere in this mess. This already happend in the past.

And only the hard headed ppl who actually skim through all the trolling will see the info for profit.

The very moment they see the info, they are ensnared for a certain amount of time, and have to serve other people by giving them a link to the post whenever doubt on the future of renoise pops up.

Life can be bizarre at times.

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Sorry, I have to announce that I will never do statistics again… no… because… I am…



Oh dear, looks like Soko has got to put on some weight. In the meantime, number of ‘likes’ per person in this thread at the moment…(sorry if I’ve miscounted anyone :))


Number of likes in square brackets.

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lets all calm down here as I’m pretty sure TacTics working his ass off on the good old dirty renoise code, as ffx is providing to this thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

ähmbödddüd für dön öllännn UhrMacher dännn janz jeschmeidijenn :excl:

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Actually I think Renoise dev stopped because of you. Once Taktik suggested me to switch DAW, because he was so annoyed of your posts.

Another huge donut, 4tey. Now it is your turn, soko.

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i bought 3.1. and get updates granted til 4.1

the thing is… i am so old that i will probably be dead before 4.1 hits the release, which means i bought a lifetime upgrade



:drummer: :badteethslayer: :clownstep: :guitar:

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(language NSFW)

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leaving all the funnies part away. tactic is alive and well working on renoise or not?

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Phew, just made the top 10.

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lol you guys.

Damn, I wish buzz was still in development and ported to linux and Mac… Miss that crazy time around 2001-2002 when the activity on buzzmachines were crazy.

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Actually I think Renoise dev stopped because of me. Once Taktik suggested me to switch DAW, because he was so annoyed of my posts.

Haha, score one for introspection :smiley:

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buzz seems pretty cool so far except that windows xp gui look. but on other hand I might need to keep my ibm t60 safe and tidy to continue running renoise, as this might have been the exact machine to programm the last renoise version (1200*800p) same resolution as the macbook years back and fitting 3.1.1 perfectly. buzz and renoise have almost same last update date in 2014 for a major update. sad but true. we need some helpful aliens helping us out with this task.

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I would love to try Buzz again, also loved the old days idling in #musicdsp and trying to get friend with Buzz :slight_smile: Loved haldreamer stuff. But Buzz is not available for Mac, and I do not use Windows anymore. Oh damn, I shouldn’t post anymore…