Any Other Hardcore/gabber Producing Maniacs?


I recently started picking up tracking again. I did put my first song on this forum. Too bad that only 3 people gave a reaction, with more dan 115 views… Would be nice as a motivation to get a little bit more reaction when you start up using new software.

Anyways, are there more people using Renoise to create harder versions of house, Hardcore/Gabber? Then please contact me. We might be able to exchange samples/vocals and help each other out to get to the next level.

Thanks for your reaction!



I too am trying to get properly back into it after a long time break so very rusty. Check the Competitions forum and you see I run a fortnightly competition (Dead Dog Disko Renoise Competition) which the latest round (DDRC24) is finishing today. All genres (normally) welcome and I myself usually lean towards harder styles (on a quite experimental tip) as do a few others.

Always up for a bit of sample swapping and also willing to attempt a collaboration or two. Sure others are as well.

Have to admit I’ve been very bad with listening to and commenting on anything posted on this forum in a long, long time as far as music goes though, so apologise there.

You can’t expect comments anywhere on the internet just because you’re new, tends to not work that way, no offense.

I made hybrid gabber jungle back in the days in protracker ( ) , using a lot of samples from mods floating around back then, distorted 909 kicks & hits sampled from thunderdome records or something :) . Couldn’t help you with new fresh samples from that scene, might be interesting to dive into old mods?

The renoise music forum is a cool place for sharing some musics made with your favourite software. I don’t really see it like a place for “serious” (I mean professionnal-like) reviews. But it’s very important to have a place like that, because you know that what you got here it has been directly or undirectly “made with renoise”. It gives you a vision of what’s possible to do. First of all I play lots of renoise-based musics, without making any review, what does not mean that it’s not good or un interesting. I use it like a kind of “renoise radio” and through it I try to grasp the musical “mood of the day”, no more no less. I suppose that lots of people are doing the same. Writing a review is then possible… but is a rare thing.

And you know it : music it’s a bit like love. You do it, you make it. But when you try to comment it, or talk about it with someone, you’re often speechless. The more it’s good or interesting, the less you’ll be able to get constructive words. The nature of some musical feelings, sometimes goes far beyond any language. The nature of a constructive comment cannot reach some unconscious intention behind a musical choice. Sometimes you can’t expect more than a “wow”, “great”, or “awesome”. Even the constructive critics like “repetitive”, “poor”, “boring” “not my cup of tea”… could be unsatisfying, because listeners need to guess first something subtle that can’t be heard.

And its sometimes easier for musicians, to share “technical” considerations (about the “how to do it with renoise”) that sharing raw feelings whatever they are. There are however people that are specialized in musical reviews… and that have their dedicated blogs / sites /… and that can perform excellent and detailed reviews of what’s going on in the music planet.

But I think that the only way to get instinctive reactions of people, is to play live your new music before any official release. Lots of bands or artists do it, they play live some “new” tracks from their upcoming new 2013 album, only in a gig, in front of a small amount of people. In fact the track has to be improved, and still in mixing phase. Recording through a nifty video system the way the small audience reacts in realtime, will give to professionnals a strong indication about what works and what does not work in the end. They see it directly on their faces, attitudes, and through movements of their bodies.

completely agree with Kurtz. i try to comment on songs but not always in the mood to listen in the first place, let alone make a meaningful useful comment. sometimes a song really hits me and i make a more elaborate comment, but that is not very often. also, i usually refrain from commenting when i truly dislike something, because some people do not take that kind of comment very well and i don’t like to start those arguments. i’m not saying you are like that, just that i do not often take the risk. i think more people think like that.

about the genre: used to listen to hardcore/gabber when i was a lot younger, and grown a bit tired of the genre. so when you advertise something as being hardcore/gabber, i tend to not listen to it because i won’t really enjoy it anyway. i like hard music, but am more into stuff like Venetian Snares, who does hard music but with a more experimental touch, and lots more variation. i think gabber is often repetitive and too easy for my tastes. listen to the old Thunderdome CDs and try and find a track that is not built around some movie-quote. sure, you can find them but i hope you get what i mean. not trying to bash your favorite genre and there is definitely room for new stuff within the genre, it just does not really appeal that much to me.

My English is not that good, so it took me a while to read it, then to understand it, and now I will try to type a reaction that makes sense.

@Jonas, Kurtz, Rhowaldt: what you mean is clear and correct. When I did put my song on this forum and saw how many people looked at it, and how few people reacted, I didn’t understand it. I made clear in the title of the post that it was my first thing made in Renoise. I did this because I understand not everyone is reacting on every new song. But it would be nice if a bit more of the 120+ people then three persoon would give some feedback. Renoise is freeware, and costs a little to upgrade. It’s (fuck my, it’s hard to find the right words in English haha) depending on the community. If someone new is putting something on this forum, its easy and little effort to motivate someone by giving some feedback on it, on technical level. This way this person is more likely to spend a little money on it, wich the makers of Renoise can use te develope it further. Don’t know or I’m making any sense, but this will have to do :)

@Kazakore: any ideas how to swap samples/vocals? I don’t have a site where I can put them on or anything.

Offtopic: does one of you know the quality of the site of Lucid Samples?

How many songs on this forum have you written reviews for/given constructive feedback? (Answer is 2 and there have been at least 20 threads with posts in within the Songs forum since your join date from a quick look. Probably better than most and as I said in my last post I have personally been very very slack on that front for ages.) Plus those have been of the vein of “Not my style but well produced” which doesn’t really say much…

Not saying it should be tit-for-tat or you-scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours but finding time to constructively listen, in good conditions (monitors or good headphones) while in front of the internet so you can immediately comment and not doing other things at the same time to distract you from critical listening all conspire to stop us (as humans) from commenting on everything we listen to. This is not one of the fastest moving forums and I know personally I will often only listen to things if there is a download link and quite often at a much later date when I can work through a pile I have amassed of people’s work to listen through. Getting impatient wont help matters there.

Plus people often don’t like giving negative comments, or if it’s not their style just don’t know what to say. Only a small handful who listen may like your kind of thing, only a small percentage of them listen where they can give a good critical listen and then only a few of them have the time and energy right then to comment. Compare your views per comments ratio to others in the Songs forum and you are doing reasonably compared to all others on the board. Sure it is a shame the Songs section isn’t slightly stronger on the board but it’s mainly for the software, its development and support, although it is always nice to share what has been produced with it.

You need a full version to render anything. How did/do you post a song without having bought your licence? By purposely going around one of the very few restrictions? Or using s crack?

There are plenty of upload sites, personally I either use my own server (more rarely these days) or

First of all, I did bought my own version of Renoise. I used Fasttracker and hated it when it disappeared. I do understand the amount of effort and money this kind of software costs, so I bought my version rght away. Just for the record.

I didn’t want to start this kind of discussion. Just wanted to share my experience as new user, that’s all. So, enough about that part of my post, it’s clear. Any people making harder styles of house, just let me know.

I will look into the site you recommended Kazakore. I’m working (a little) right now. :)

Renoise as a general rule has one of the better communities I’ve found. Help with problems, be they beginner questions, general audio chatter or anything else on the whole is quite fast and friendly. It is open to a large extent (although purposely very closed on what and when we can expect with the next release but the reasoning behind that is explained and understood by most.)

As a DAW it can and is used to write any and every type of music you wish to name (although maybe some more than others.)

As a Tracker it generally has a smaller usergroup than one of the big-boy traditional DAWs like Cubase or Logic.

As such you really are best off trying to get more open reviews on tune from sites which are specifically for your type of music. Always worth posting here as people will appreciate the sharing but I would never expect it to be the main resource of productive feedback. Unless you were to post an .xrns and ask how to get a specific effect from what you already have or something similar.

Hope I didn’t come across as too harsh in my previous post.

After reading your post I cried for five minutes and after that I was feeling well again :)

I don’t get agitated by reactions on the internet. Especially in a foreign language it’s easy have a misunderstanding. And even if someone would really dislike my because of what I post, my life wouldn’t be any different.

I will search for sites that are specifically for cavemen that like simplistic music like hardcore and annoy those people with it :)

gabber/hardcore does not have to be cavemen or simplistic per se; actually, i know from attempting making something with heavy distorted beats myself how difficult it can be, because heavy stuff tends to push other stuff away and everything can get muddy and crappy very fast. so it is by no means a ‘simplistic’ genre to do. as i said above, there are plenty of hard styles which are not as basic as gabber. however, the basicness of it can also be perceived as ‘primitive’, in the good sense of the word, as in ‘raw’, ‘real’ etc. there is a certain appeal to no-nonsense hardcore music which just bangs away and doesn’t get complicated. as i said, i personally have a different preference but i am by no means a standard for anything at all.

for a kind of ‘you-scratch-my-back-and-i-scratch-yours’ approach as kazakore mentioned, maybe check out this thread: the idea is to comment on another track before you post one of your own. it is a good idea and it has gotten quite a lot of replies. not guaranteed to get any feedback but it might work for you.

that said, i understand your need for feedback and seeing how i have listened to this type of music before and can get into it, and because you took all the time and effort to explain yourself without coming across as bitchy or whiny, i’ll listen to your track and comment on it.