Post Your Latest Project/Work In Progress

Thought it would be nice to have a continuous thread where we can put our works of progress to receive a bit of outside opinion and feedback on unfinished projects.

I’d like it if people who post tracks gave their opinions back to other people so the thread has some bulk to it and is not just a long list of posts with no crit. So a kind of ‘post one, rate one’ system.

So this is a little drum loop I’ve had for a while, I’m just not really sure what sort of sounds to layer on top of it. Any suggestions?

I like the idea of this thread.

For your drum loop, it’s pretty abstract, but fits perfectly with, what I think, would be dark dnb. Some evil sounding distortion synth basses and dub style echos on vocals…man, sick it would be.

So here’s my post, but it’s not a WIP, it’s done but kinda looking for feedback. I already submitted this remix. It’s of Blue Mars played by Jim Hayes and composed by James McFayden played on BBC. This remix is sorta a commercial thingy so please don’t distribute if you can help it. ;)

@hseiken - Great tune man, diggin that lo-fi fuzz you’ve got going on in the background.

Great idea for a thread! I like it.

ex-sedate, really liking your loop. Great kick sound, I’m loving the ride cymbals… Agree with Hseiken that some dark sounds would be fitting… But honestly, I think anything would sound good with this. Just put a bassline and I think the rest will come to you naturally :) Keep us updated on this, I’d like to hear more.

Hseiken, listening to explorers remix now. Really nice job on this, although I’m not familiar with the original. Initially I didn’t like the lofi buzz at the beginning. But once everything comes in, especially the bass, it’s all really sounding well produced. I like the cut up orchestral style.

I was hoping to get some feedback on my latest… Done in 3 hours for the 3 hour knockout tournament. It’s called “Eastern Billows” -->

I’ve shied away from posting any songs to the Renoise song forum for a very long time… Maybe the relaxed atmosphere of this thread will encourage me to post more frequently :)

That’s the idea, I’ve seen it be really successful on other forums so thought I’d bring it here.

You’re tune sounds really good, especially for having only three hours work on it. I’d say tighten up the distorted bass and maybe add a bit of dynamic to it somehow.

ex-sedate like the beats you done, would be good with some fat synths on there! would be a sick dnb track me thinks. hseiken like the track you done also, nice vibe and good bottom end.

Little snipper of WIP (This “might” be pressed onto 12" vinyl if negotiations go well)

All synth noises/bass sounds from Korg Prophecy / Drums from various drummachines, (Kicks are Jomox / Boss DR 660 layed) all composed in renoise with native FX. (No VST’s)

Not mastered or anything. First minute of track cut out, and last couple mins, all being worked on, don’t like what the mp3 conversion has done to top end though.

Feedback very welcome!

G’day Guys,

Just thought I’d pop this track up as I am just in the process of finishing it off ( well hopefully lol ).

I’d appreciate sum feedback if anyone has mix suggestions or can hear anything that may need to be adjusted sonicly to enhance the song…

Cheers :) listening to the others now !


EDIT This is just a DEMO to put online with the unveiling of my new website for my indie label (its by no means a commercial release or anything like that :) )

EDIT Sorry @ex-sedate didnt mean any disrespect to the rules man :) been on the road and didnt get the chance to drop sum crit yet so I’m havin a listen now and I’ll do the good thing and leave some feed - Cheers mate :)

@Dainhumain - Nice, I like the sounds. Unfortunately I can’t really help you on mastering tips. Waaaay beyond my skill level, but it sounds good to my ears.

At the begining that whining radar type sound (it solos around 1:40). I love it, I want to hear it more. I’m thinking if you did some panning and sidechain it to whatever you feel your leads are so it just pops out around that sound.

Maybe some more suround on those guitars on the bottom towards the end. But only very subtley.

All in all that was a really cool track. Cheers for that.

On to my post.

Something I threw together over a study session with a bud at the library. It’s sort of a mixture of a vintage piano vinyl sample that I’ve cut up with some smooth (hopefully) shuffly beat supporting it.

It’s quite interesting ^ bit different for sure, like the melody. Good stereo image.

Thanks for the reply man!

Was just after advise about overall track, usually just leave mastering to potential labels etc, only do self mastering on self releases usually.


Nice. The only crit I would give it is that it lacks somewhat in the low low end. I’d like to hear a sub bass sine wave in there.

Yeah I was pretty certain I would hear about the vacant subs, I;m not sure I want to put any in. Maybe some stabs or fills but nothing that will take away from the spaciousness of the sound.


Thanks man! I’ve recently given alot of time and effort to figuring out how to sculpt and good stereo image in renoise. It’s something I had no clue about before. Now I got an expander on everytrack and a stereo bus. Are there any other advisement you could give in terms of stereo imaging?

And the piano melody is done with a four beat piano sample from vinyl retrigged with 09xx and pitched up and down. Then theres reverb and delay sends and some fun sidechainy stuff.

Hi !

i’m a nebbie on this forum so this will be my first post…!

I like the idea of feedback exchanges, it’d be very instructive…

So, i’ll start to listen to that list ;)

Here’s my new track made in renoise, it’s the first ‘mastering’ test, made this weekend with ozone 4, i’d like to have your opinion / advices on it.
what do you guys use for the mastering part ?

thanks Renoisers !

here’s the track ! :

I think your snares could use more snap and the drums in whole a bit more definition. Breakcore is all about the drums, they need to be prominent.

How did you track the break?

If I want to add definition to a drum track I add a nanosecond of silence at the end of one hit and before the next using the ‘OFF’ command, I think it opens it all up a bit more.

Can’t really give feedback on mastering because I’m on rubbish speakers and I don’t have any experience in that respect.

I really like the vocal edits on it, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm lovely glitchyness.


thanks for the reply ;)

Well yes, i was listening again today on my ipod and also found that the drums need more definition… i’m not good at mastering, 'cause i liked the sound on my monitors…!
i actually already use the off command to separate each sound but i do it just before the next sound, i should maybe try to do it a little longer…

the tracking is really basic, i have recorded 4 bars on my acoustic drumkit, then i’ve slice it and track at 400bpm / 8LPB

hehe the vocal samples are just stupid non-sens sentences recorded with speech generator :P

thanks a lot for your time !

btw your signature track is just fuckin cool man

(i’m french so sorry if it’s a crappy english !)

atmosFEAR ;)

Try and give feedback before you ask for it please.

I like the way your tune builds on top of it self it’s really funky. The two criticisms I have are that the clap makes it sound a bit cheesy to me, I’d have opted to use like a really short female vocal or something like that instead, and it could do with another section on top with a more definite ending.


You’re English is better than a lot of English peoples.

Thanks for the words man. I dunno what your recording set up is but maybe replace them for well recorded single hits from a sample pack might add more definition.

Very basic, just a bit of a piss take really. I had the tune stuck in my head all of yesterday and couldn’t sleep so made this. I might expand on it, add the bridges back in and mash them up a bit. Have some sub bass sines in there following the original chord progression maybe.

Hope you enjoy and don’t brand me a musical heathen :)

Yes there’s other good ways at doing this.

For example what you can do, instead of having most things central have like a hi hat panned a bit to the left, main snare a bit to the right etc. If you listen to some of the old Kraftwerk stuff youll notice some sounds are panned right to the left and others to the right, this gives their old tunes made in the 70’s a perfect example of a very good stereo image. Though sub bass below 65Hz should ideally be mono, this is where I put the stereo expander on mono. You can also use an LFO device and set it to panning, and then setup some panning FX there, this works a treat also.