Anybody Seen Buzz's New Piano Roll?

looks cool

Yep, it’s still a work in progress but I love where it’s going.

Well, personally I’m not too excited about it.
First thing - it’s gfx are implemented using Micsoroflt .NET FX which seems to weigh a ton when it’s initialized.
Second thing… pianoroll in a tracker? :blink: What for? It’s kinda weird. Like a speed limit sign ona F1 race track, that sort of weird.

The power of buzz has always been in modularity and peer controllers. Pianoroll IMO is a complete waste of time.

So you’re saying it’s strength is something other than being a solid tracker (the usual argument for Renoise) yet you say something that will open it up to more users is a waste of time :blink:

Well, they will probably gain some more users to get into it…
PR is not my piece of cake though…

I am hoping that somewhere all the line Renoise will incorporate some type of piano roll tool. Maybe not a piano roll in a traditional sense like in cubase etc… just some way of pointing and drawing notes onto a grid and being able to adjust the length of the notes. I think this would a step towards a true modern tracker.

I really like how the piano roll is vertical (following trackers vertical scrolling as opposed to the more traditional horizontal). It’s easier for me because it’s th same way my keyboard keys are arranged on my midi controller. I always felt the old way was like reading sideways.

I’m not a big piano roll user, but I can most definitely say that it’s not a waste of time. I think when comments like that are made it’s because the person that said it doesn’t write a type of music or need a type of interface conducive to a piano roll.

Buzz aside (which I don’t use), I think renoise should strengthen it’s live recording options like a count in, and implementing punch-in recording so I can loop while playing a sequence until I get it right (useful for me anyways since I can’t play very well).

Anyhow - I think it’s a good direction, and gives buzz a serious interface benefit that Renoise does not currently support. I guess it’s always a race anyways between the feature sheets between different softwares…

ye, we don’t need those silly black and white keys ((= just put c, c# etc. on them. :lol: or better yet, 0 through 11. (or 0 to B for sum serious hexage! :w00t: :ph34r: )

Haha - the piano roll argument sneaked in again :D…idi-controller/

Ive been thinking of getting one of the (above linked) harmonic table midi controllers.

Piano roll? i want a 3d harmonic table shaft…

its the new thing !

i have had one (the 49 though) for a week now! =) i’ll write a lil review when i’ve had the time to actually play with it some more. (damn work!)

i like this. If Renoise adds a piano roll, this would be the way to go. And i’m all for piano roll. Multiple methods of entering notes is a good thing. Different ways to visualize the same data is good for different results.

I don’t think the piano roll is worth spending the time of the Renoise Team. For entering chords tools like scalefinder & it’s variant scalefinder MIDI(OSC) work really good. No manual chord entering. Or it’s better just to buy a MIDI keyboard, and do it yourself, or to combine the both methods like I do. :walkman:

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it isn’t just about entering chords, as a piano roll would facilitate easier arranging, open up more options for quantization imo. I’m not creaming to have one noaw, but maybe the api can be made so that one could easily make their own pianoroll in the future?

Well if creation of piano roll will be the task for our Lua programmers on the forums, then ok. :rolleyes: People here are crazy in those things.

so you would like a piano roll to cover the entire GUI?

too much for me

As much as I would hate to see vertical audio tracks in renoise as they are completly counterintuitive I’d love to see piano roll like this. It is intuitive becouse it follows the original direction of a piano keyboard - from lower notes in the left to the higher notes on the right. It could be used as a nice visualisation of notes duration, velocity (colour) and pitches. Nice addition to already existing tools we have. Not a priority though.

I’m not a piano roll guy but I can see some advantages to this setup.
First thing though (in my opinion), it must be transparent between the pattern view and piano roll view.
E.g. changing one is reflected in the other if applicable.

One thing that I see as an advantage is to be able to easily and granularly, change the note-off location.
Rather than selecting the line the note-off is to be triggered and then add/subtract with the delay column.

If renoise gives us a piano roll one day I’ll take it. I agree with what you’re saying, dysamoria…
Still if we never get a piano roll in renoise, so be it. It probably never will this is part of it’s claim to legacy. Frankly I’m fine with renoise not incorporating this method of sequencing. I also see a piano roll as simply a different way to visualize data, the fact that renoise doesn’t use a piano roll is a type of limitation that forces creative solutions… and creative keyboard combos :)

I used to wish photoshop and illustrator would simply combine and handle raster just as well as vector, it took years for me to appreciate that they were two very different approaches which demand two very different tool sets. Focus on one approach, you compromise the other.

Still we did get a grid pattern editor in 2.6… which in essence is a piano roll for patterns… so who knows.

I am intrigued though with this new buzz… I just wish it wasn’t so microsoft-centric, not a fan of .net dependent apps… Still yet another thing to experiment with after RPM month is over :)

It was new in 2007, and despite C-Thru’s claim that “the arrangement of notes helps you understand note relationships and create as you never have before.” I have never, EVER heard a single person play one of these messes of plastic in a way that demonstrates this claim. . don’t believe the hype.