Anyone Have A Decent Glitch Xrns?

hey guys - been listening to Xanopticon alot lately and it’s so super layered. anyone have any really good GLITCH tracker files or a link to some? would like to take a peek. most tracker files i’ve found are just so sparse and ‘boom-chuck’.

also - anyone got any good recommendations for Xanopticon-type glitch artists? Funk hasn’t done much since HCCBU. not looking for regular beat to death Amen crap… would rather some really glitchy structured noise core.

I’ll take this opportunity to pimp my own music… ;) might not be exactly what you’re looking for, but here’s an entry I made for sdcompo that’s somewhat glitchy with pattern fx galore:

i dont glitch out too much, but i have some stuff you could definitely consider “noisecore”
check out my soundcloud page for some “horsecore” :D

that gave me a zip file with samples but no renoise file. am i missing something?

Rename it to XRNS.

i had tried that. didn’t work:

I’m going to give you some recommendations that were posted on another forum with a sort of similar question…

Datach’i - Shock Diamonds
I Broke My Robot - Tomorrow Does Not Exist
Puzzleweasel - Exo-Grid
Autechre - Cichlisuite
Otto Von Schirach - 8000 B.C.
Acrnym - Flowers


He sure is.Shock diamonds is brilliant.For anyone that cares that whole album was mostly done with native instruments synthetic drums 2 sample pack.

Holy shit,thanks for the i broke my robot info,i like his style.I make glitch similar to him and vs but im afraid i cant share my xrns files!Xanopticon uses fl studio btw

thanks! (=

curious now that i read your dissection of those amiga tracks!

Looks like a corrupted zip-file then.

Weird, it unzips fine on my machine, so maybe it’s a Windows/Mac thing? Regardless, here’s an unzipped link:

fuck you

what’s your problem clowny?

just kidding

anyone got anything else they’d be willing to share? haven’t seen anything yet that as thick… there’s got to be someone somewhere who’s released something complex. and not just Vache either…

i don’t think you’d gain anything from seeing such an xrns, other than to gape at the detail and work that went into every millisecond. if you’re familiar with renoise and the pattern fx then you’ll know how it works, looking at some ninja xrns isn’t going to suddenly “cleanse the doors of perception.”

it’s hard graft, plain and simple. millisecond by millisecond.

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Here’s some more intense beatmusic that can hopefully be helpful!

Thanks BotB, already had those…

oootini - i am familiar with the basics of the program and have made some tracks. buuuut - where i live there is literally NO ONE here that uses trackers so all tips and tricks are gleaned from looking at other XRNS, RNS, IT, & MOD files (mostly XRNS) or trying (usually in vain) to mangle stuff on your own. sure - we could all sit here and struggle to explore, discover, and learn on our own but that could take years not to mention that you will probably miss half of everything because you are trying to teach yourself. pianists and guitarists and drummers take lessons all the time. hell - most every instrument can and is taught by those more knowledgeable. it seems like it’s only THIS community that frowns on helping people. most of you are too elitist about what it is that you do and that’s just retarded.

i make most of my music in Logic. Logic is severely limited for making the kind of music i am inspired to make. and while i have sat here for hundreds of hours of renoise trial and error - i do NOT think it is too much to ask for those more seasoned to put a few tracks or tutorials together with a little more substance than what is in the official tutorials or scant YouTube vids. meaning, more glitch/breakcore/idm tutorials because that is the style of music that pushes this program to it’s limits and where everything including the kitchen sink is often thrown into a single track.

there is a decent retrigger tutorial HERE that provides a simple starting point for n00bs. it took the guy ‘45 seconds’ to make but helped alot of people. i would like to see more things like this using all sorts of different topics from effects to mastering to creative 09xx tricks.

the thing is - most ‘tutorials’ and available XRNS files are of ‘simple’ songs with no real clever use of anything. won’t some of you PLEASE take a moment to find a track or a part of a track or make something quickly or look in your old files for something that made renoise ‘click’ for you and post it ITT? for some of us - this is the ONLY form of being taught by someone who knows everything how to do something worth anything in this program.

or is everyone to l33t to help people out?

(agargara - found out what the issue is. Mac’s Safari program ‘opens safe files after downloading’ causing the issue. unless i turn that Safari option off - i have to unzip it, then re-zip the files in the folder that opened and rename it *.xrns instead of *.zip for it to work. it’s stupid but hey - at least it works…)