Anyone Here Play Guitar?

I’ve been using Renoise for about 1.5 years now, but I’ve been playing guitar for 8. I have a few 6’s, a banjo, a 7 string, and and 8 string. I play through a Peavey XXX. Its a wonderful contrast to go from playing technical death metal to programming something wonderful on Renoise to plucking away a folk tune on the banjo.

i love our lives:-)

i play the acoustic guitar, but not very good. lately been playing more Guitar Hero than actual guitar :)
but i’ve been picking it up again recently, because i know how to find chords and notes on a guitar faster than on a keyboard. so i do my songwriting and melody-lines etc on my guitar, then use this chart to transfer what i’m playing to Renoise fast.

have also tried recording some guitar and combining that with electronics, with interesting results.

I have two guitars. An ultra-cheap impossible-to-tune-properly acoustic kids’ guitar from Ikea and a black and white Fender Strat, with a Zoom USB effects pedal. I don’t actually know how to play the guitar, but I find that is a great creative plus. I do know my way round a keyboard (and a computer keyboard), but for some reason it seems I always write more interesting and unexpected melodies and chords when I am playing around with the guitar. I should probably get another instrument I can’t play, like a saxophone. My neighbours would kill me, though.

i bet you’re a meshuggah fan too! (=

i play guitar and fretless bass. good times!

yea, it’s easy to stumble upon nice stuff with a guitar imo. i’m guessing because (atleast when it comes to chords) those notes often happen to be spread out across the octaves a lot more than on a keyboard.

If by “playing guitar” you mean “own a guitar, hold it against the wall in some corner gathering dust and fantasize about having the time to set up a recording session with said guitar and renoise”, then… yes. I play guitar. But I’m more a rhythm guitarist… as in: my fingers don’t do what I want them to do on the fretborad.

I like to put pink knickers on my guitar and talk to it like a woman, i rub myself up against it repeatedly until the button on my jeans pulls a harmonic that makes me shudder and dribble in euphoric ectasy. I then make and eat a cheese sandwich.

Is it so wrong for a man to love a guitar?

Yeah, I’ve been playing guitar for almost 20 years now and I absolutely love throwing my guitar tracks in renoise and going apeshit with extreme tuning, pitch-bends, reversals, retriggers, etc - I have yet to find an effects pedal that can do that stuff! The first two tracks on my SC page were done entirely in renoise…

i got a guitar from daisy rock guitars not long ago need a cable for it so i can plug it into my soundcard and make noise

i cant play the guitar though thats on the list to learn:)

:yeah: Been playing since 93. I have a lot of guitars, all of which is use in building my songs. But my most used two would be my Jackson DK2S (with Sustainiac), with an EMG HZ in at the bridge, tuned to C# F# B G B E; and my old old old Fender Strat copy with a Dimarzio passive humbucker at the bridge, tuned to E A D G B E. The old strat has a lot of life and unexpected character in, and I’m surprised how often I come back to it. I guess I know it so well I know how to get a nice sound out of it. I wouldn’t mind a real Strat one day though.

I don’t have any amps of notoriety to boast of, so over the years I’ve developed alternative ways of getting an interesting guitar sound. I use a tube preamp to smooth things out, and then go through a Boss GT-8 and then an old Zoom 4040 which does most of the effecting believe it or not. Another case I knowing an old bit of gear back to front and being in love with that ‘certain something’ that old unit has. Then I rout a split from that output into the laptop and Renoise for ultimate wet-effect abstraction.

I grew up with metal, but I love softer more expressively melodic players. I still practice metal stuff for speed and accuracy, but most of my recorded work is more in the ambient spectrum. I love improvisational playing and I’ve been in few bands that have done 100% improv. I like emotional playing, but I often blend in minimalism and texture.

Here’s some of my own music with my lead in it:


Awesome to see the responses.

Might as well bust out the pics

The big uber guitar thing you see is my 12 string touchstyle. Its kinda like a chapman stick. There are a couple guitars not in the pic.

I am guessing that I am the only one who plays accordion… :(


play and teach guitar…

have a gibson sg which I play thru a POD XTlive…

Mostly metal and lead stuff…

Tracks in my sig(underneath waveforms, Soundcloud Metal Page) :walkman:

I have 3 1/2 guitars.

2 accoustic. One cheaper, Cort, “party”-guitar. Which I tend to play on the most. One Tanglewood for my more private moments. Built in pickup.

One electric that I built myself. A couple of pedals and a small cheap amp that’s just enough for my apartment.

The 1/2 guitar is a skyblue non-playable accoustic guitar that a friend pimped. Keeping it for show.

My apartment is sort of overflowing with guitars, ranging from my acoustic six to a cheap tele, lapsteel, bass (first love, that bass), and until recently an electric seven. Oh, and on my workbench is a pile of wood that will someday grow into another acoustic (time and luck permitting…) There’s also an assortment of other instruments i’ll eventually be able to play, chief among them are the blues harp and uilleann pipes. I like music. And instruments. And this pile at least makes me look creative to the unwary eye:)
The acoustic six is the only one that sees regular action, though.

Guitar addict here. I have a few. ;), my wife would say too many. Been playing since I was 16. So that makes it 20+ years. Sheesh, am I old.

I love everything about those fretted instruments. I have built them and have recently been building effects too. An amp build someday.

well, I also have a death metal background, in the stormy 90-s. Since then I’ve been more or less into electronic music, but I’m using guitar every now and then, whenever the song calls upon it.
Also I have a Turkish instrument called Saz.

I do a lot of electronic music (experimental, non-beat-based) and play guitar. I usually, when doing guitar + electronics, don’t use Renoise though. I would be curious to know how people use Renoise with guitar: as amp cab, live input or record to sample, etc.


I played guitar for many years but as of the last year have really gotten into electronic music and sort of put the guitar on the back burner (I was using reason for most of this time which doesnt allow any audio or outside gear). However since switching over to renoise I am thinking that what I may do is make by own guitar loops in ableton and then import them into renoise and mess around. I have noticed that Caribou, formally known as Manitoba is an experimental electronic musician who also plays guitar and it seems like he does allot of electronic processing with his guitar playing. I also know that four tet comes up with melodies on guitar and then plays the melody on a sampled instrument for the final product.