Anyone Know Of Any Renoise Success Stories?

Hey folks,

Just wondering, does anyone know of any successful/ commercial bands that use Renoise?


and AVB (in the near future) :P is coming up


aside many works already released around the world only made with Renoise since 2002, something very important will happen soon… :rolleyes:


Hey thanks people, that was interesting

Indeed interesting, I saw the shaper site… What the f*ck! they have blown my mind with they’re music!

If the prodigy did this new shit on their album ‘always outnumbered, never outgunned’ they would be loved again by me. so I love shaper already.

and going to pre-order theyr album :D

yeah, me 8) i use renoise since 8 months (only) but i’m a professional composer&musician (game business, fulltime)

Hey pvcf…

That’s good to hear. So what sort of music do you create? For games you say? And how does Renoise fit into your setup? Is it the your main sequencer or do you use it to compose “snippets” of music?

Do you happen to be the guy from Reflex? :D
Do you use Renoise for composing game music? Managed to get released on several labels and did remixes for Ferry Corsten with Renoise!

We are currently releasing music made with renoise on some of the major trance labels, and we are currently working on our second album.

we have released on labels such as:
iboga, flow, hadshot, digital structures, cream crop,
element, analog pussy records and the list goes on.

we have played at festivals and parties in:
Sweden,Danmark,Croatia,England,Japan and more.

But trance is pretty underground,
so i don’t know if we are commercial enough ;)

Forgot to add the website:

i released a few tracks for a short movie soundtrack and some remixes for a doom/hardcore producer called Hibou. These last tunes will be released on Phuture Rave records in september. I’m also working on my own drum’n’bass/breakbeat stuff.
Using renoise along with some hardware stuff.

I do dnb/breaks too.

Any1 else into that?

I don’t know if it’s a ‘success story’, but I’m composing music for video games, and I do that for a living. All my songs are 100% Renoise.


all kinds, symphonic/orchestral, nu metal, music for childrens… you name it, i compose it 8) (its rather old, the newest track can be found here:…3d_demoreel.mp3 2mb (made in a hurry after instructions like: “it should sound like matrix2 and i also like hans zimmer, you have 2 days (over weekend…) !” , hehe, thats my job, this tune is a little bit without a theme, its for a 3D render-studio reel which is showing all his animated videogifts for videogames and should be “bombastic” and so on, thats why the song is like what it is, uhm, tricky )

most of the time its “only” a midi-out sequencer. i use musiclabs midi-over lan to connect renoise to the gigastudio PC and midi-hard-outs to connect to the 19’ units.
as mixing device i use cubase vst with 2 cascaded hoontech dsp2000 with 20 asymetric line-in’s, the sequencer PC with renoise have 1gb ram and 2 19 ’ TFT (1) @2500 athlon
the gigastudio PC is also a 2500xp with 1gb of ram, 8-out’s and is teh slave of renoise.


yes sire 8)
the photos on my studio site are 1 year old and showing 2 17’ monitors with our old “reflex-tracker” , but nowadays i only use renoise, here is i photo of the setup with renoise which i just have made with my broken(…) camera… (200kb) (sry4low quality, but i’m not a photograph;) )
thats a screenshot of mdesktop with renoise:

(multidesk does not work with renoise 1.5 , i told this to the developers but they don’t believe me :( )

yes, for PC, Xbox, PS2 and GBA. additional for some small movies, trailers, animated cutscenes and so on. I’m very (!) happy with renoise. only the small font is a real eye-killer (ok, fixed a little bit in 1.5 but as mentioned above, no multidesk support anymore so its not very helpfull).

Wow, that’s interesting stuff Pvcf. Hope you finally get to Hollywood mate, sounds like you’re on the right track

temper temper


Now then, now then steady lads…LOL

The original post I did was to see out of interest how Renoise was doing in the big wide professional world. To see how bands/ producers are using it. It’s also to get feedback from anyone using Renoise really, whether or not they have become commercial I guess, but to see how it’s been used e.g. in a liveset maybe or something like that.

Renoise is relatively new so there’s not a great deal of info out there (plus we all know how trackers are snuffed at by most “professionals”). It’s been very intersting reading this thread and going to the websites from all the posters. It’s nice to know there are bands/producers using renoise straight out of the tin. Personally I thought all the music links posted on this thread sounded quite good, although I have heard some quite poor ones on other threads :unsure:

If you ask me, anyone who has actually been paid for their music is a very good success. Well played everyone, and anyone new please post on here and let the Renoise community know how you are using Renoise and in what capacity in your bands set.

BTW…was there anything wrong with pvcf’s music? I thought it was quite good actually! Very “score-ish”…very professional… Cool

sorry again … i deleted my posts … sorry sorry …

an interessting thing in the the MED website was it to introduce some musicians and work with MED … maybe something like this could be interessting for the Renoise website too. i’m proud to make music with Renoise … and that’s why the Renoise logo is on the inlaycard of our last cd-release!

peace! B)