Anyone on ello?

Anyone on this new network site Wanna join but no invites yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I too await an invite. Facebook can go fuck itself.

I got in. Drop me your email for invite.

Sweet! I’m overleveled at gmail

ooh. I would like to have a peek too. :slight_smile:


Ello, goodbye.

^That’s interesting. But I guess I don’t mind incredibly if I’m part of the value being sold, or whether or not the creators will/have already “sold out,” if the platform itself is good, and remains good, (and there is every pressure possible for that to be, considering Ello is essentially built on people fleeing Facebook) then I’ll definitely use it because it’s still better than what Facebook.

Even if it has to be part of a never ending cycle, maybe a social networking site just has to have a limited time span before its users get fed up and want to move on, I’d rather jump to the next point in the cycle than stay on what I know is utterly broken.

I’m on there.

^ Added you. Mine’s here btw:

^ Added you. Mine’s here btw:

Added you back. Did your Dom & Roland remix!

Thanks man :smiley: Any more Renoisers up on Ello? I still have an invite or two.

I would certainly like an invite if there is still one to spare.

I’ve read Conner_Bw’s post and deleted my email in my previous post because of it.

But I’m actually still curious :slight_smile:

So… if anyone has an invite to spare:

thbuhl {A] outlook [.] com

Ran out of invites :smashed:

aw man… ^^

No worries I got ya Sqeetz

thx. you tha man :slight_smile:

It’s really late here and I have other things to do right now like rewatching season 2 of Weeds… I’ll look into what the hype is tomorrow :slight_smile:

Would happily consume an invite if one is still roaming around :slight_smile:

binary.stereo [at] gmail

got you :slight_smile: