Anyway To Do Groove Extraction?

hmm… kinda hoping to use a bass guitar sample, that has been sliced and modified… and layer a sine wave underneath. would want the sine to be triggered with the transients of each slice, to follow the groove of the sample… obviously bass guitar does not go as low in frequency as a pure sine… so… what do you guys suggest? I’m looking for the Renoise solution…


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Edit = On the slim chance, that this is not yet possible in Renoise, I have also made a post here: Idea: A Tool For Groove Extraction

dBlue’s Slices To Pattern tool, and then use Advanced Edit to change Instrument.

Totally… I got a link in the tool forum. I didn’t mean to start two threads on this… but after a while, I began to think, “hmmm, has this been thought of yet.” Ok… well, I’m checking this out. Later today when I get back to music… :slight_smile:


better yet, use Convert instrument tool to change instrument - it has keyboard shortcuts