Aquilyzer - Fly Away | Drum & Bass

My latest melodic drum and bass song. Was one of my last “test” songs for the piano roll tool :slight_smile: Hope you like it.

Also created a little “music video” in FL for Youtube:


Nice song!

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Agressive trebles in headphones

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Yeah good point, the closed hihat could be sounding less harsch here. Hope its not a big issue. I produced it with my HD650 headphones and also test hear it with some bluetooth in ears, too.

Edit: Changed the soundcloud file, where the CH is now less prominent.

What vst’s you used?

Akg 702
Beyerdynamics dt770 pro 80ohms
Denon DAC

For lead, sounds or mixing? I’m using alot.

Well, the sounds , instruments

I really love DUNE3 and i’m using Reason Rack, too. For the rest, its Xfer Serum.
I used New Sonic Arts Freestyle (VST chaining plugin) to combine some VSTi’s to a single instrument (layering). A feature, i really miss in Renoise.

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