Arguru Tb303 Re-born From Noisetrekker.

Hi there.

im just imagine this, and im really like that 303clone.

Can you bring back that 3o3 Taktik?
We are Remember you Arguru (3 June 2007) the day to coming again.
oh man, He is passed away Two years now,… . :(

Rest in Peace Juan Antonio Argüelles Rius

timespent on a softsynth is time not spent on for example freeze function

Today marks the day that I first saw a feature request leverage the anniversary of someone’s death in order to get consideration.

I’m not down with this, not a very appropriate IMHO.


Have fun

I also agree - there are lots of 303-clones out there as ptrance already stated (my favourite is without doubt Audiorealism Bassline, here above), and you should also be able to use Rebirth (which is free nowadays) using Rewire with the latest Renoise beta.

WHy do we need freeze ?
render selection is just the same

i know all that clones of 303,
but who cares, try noisetrekker native 303. Powerfull and usefull.

i this way why need renoise native effects,!+?
All effects are available in vst!

in deeper, why need tracker? there are lots of seq.

Hmm .
I always wondered what if taktik coded a native Renoise instrument how it would sound like …Probably good …$
A nice little ( look up/scanning )wavetable instrument ???yummie

thats just silly, and you know it!


arent you the one that made that reese synth??

then you could build a nother 303 clone yourself :D

yeah, “the same”, only with additional repetive actions (put the rendered sample on a dry track and mute the track you rendered) and lots of unnecessary temporary tracks…

this is off-topic I know, but I’m aching for freezing so badly I just couldn’t let this pass…

Why do we need genitals? Sticking needles into our internal sexual organs is just the same.

puts on some surgical gloves, grabs a scalpel, and starts walking towards gentleclockdivider

Dunno …to talk to it ,him,her ,them …?
No serious …what’s the difference between renoise rendering some tracks an automatically disable instruments=FREEZE
Or render to selection and manually disable effects etc …Same to me …just a few more mouseclicks …
Every major sequencer had the freeze function long before it was named freeze …al you had to do was assign a template keycommand to some generic functions …( audio mixdown ; and import back into project )…then eventually emagic logic simplified this with just one mouseclick …the mightysnowflake icon …
Anyways …I wouldn’t realy care if it was there or not ,

O.k. back on topic

Did you try the newer version of that plug? Bassline2 (a.k.a. - ABL2) I think the sounds are really rich.

Yes i am.
Im working on a custom lfo instrument.

303 sound is too hard to reproduce, but maybe i do that,

Yup, that’s the one I own/use. Fortunately, you can still pick the old skin with it. :)

this would be absolute madness. wahey. especially if it didnt spike the rewire host.

Wildly off topic but this question freaks me out. We need freeze because it’s more convenient, and is a good foundation for streaming audio tracks. A clear separation between a track that is “finished” (say recorded tracks) and a track that is still being modified, along with CPU gains for preprocessed effects, there’s literally no reason we would NOT need freeze.

If you are happy with rendering a track to sample or to wav, and reimporting the wav, doubling the track and muting the original, and the bullshit logistics that entails, then you are a) a villain, and B) happy with a solution that provides no foundation for further features.

Actually, all topics are about freezing - somewhere deep inside.

…like being able to start playback of a freezed track at any point… heaven when working with long vocal/instrumental samples… CPU saving is just the tip of the iceberg.

But I guess Renoise will have to be able to play back streamed samples first, because freezing lots of tracks in a long song would use way too much memory.

ReWire :)

Definately ReWire :)