Ask Not What The Developers Can Do For You...

I’m suggesting a more sophisticated model for division of labour. I believe there are many tasks that could be delegated or mapped out on the Renoise community at large. Something needs to be done that won’t involve expert skills or advanced knowledge of the subject matter. More like: “Test this, research this, find this, write this…” etcetera.

So I’m suggesting a new “Tasks forum”, open for anyone. Every new thread would be a new task, something that’s open for the volontary input from others.

Seriously. It’s time that more of us ask ourselves what we can do for the (non-coding) Renoise development. Be it writing good tutorials, creating instrument-kits or whatever. Just 100 Renoise users would probably make a big difference in this regard.

I’m not bashing your idea, which is indeed good, but I want to add a couple of opinions.

first of all, there are people who are already making something for us even if they are not in the team: they donate mirrors, they author video tutorials (even the funny ones like kaneel’s are great), the promote to everyone they know, and so on…

then, our experience on this forum has shown one evidence: probably the best thing to help Renoise is doing music; take for example Venetian Snares: he has never written a Renoise tutorial, but lots of people come here because they know VS uses Renoise, and they decide to try hard in order to be like him. Of course this does not mean you have to be world-famous in order to help Renoise, but simply keeping on making music with Renoise and tell people “I’ve made this with Renoise” is the best you can do; motivated listeners would give Renoise a look and decide if it fits their needs.

again, this is not a bashing of your idea: everyone who wants to contribute is welcome, for example by writing articles for In:Depth, submitting demo tunes, creating instruments and effects presets, themes, screensavers, and so on.

Yes Please.

this is another example of what you can do for the developers :)