Assign Play / Stop Button To Midi Controller

So I got a Midi Controller a while ago and everything works fine together with renoise.

There is just one thing, I got start/stop/record/loop etc. buttons on the controller, but I don’t find a hint anywhere on how to assign those to renoise.
So when I press “play” the song in renoise starts playing, or when I press “record” renoise switches into record mode.

Maybe someone knows how to do that?

The record, play and stop buttons are not possible to midi assign at the moment.

Still, you can try assigning those shortcuts to an external keypad:

Hey, by the way… since I have MIDI keyboard I’m wondering if there is a way to have mouse/key macros or scripts triggered via MIDI under Linux? Or rather, I need to find that out and then I’ll be sure to share it. I might end up using it more for that than to play notes on it haha :wacko:

Wait a second… how about assigning Renoise keyboard shortcuts to MIDI events??? :dribble:

if you midi controller has a transport (start, stop, rewind etc)
it works.

bpm too

choice: are you sure?
i have tried many times to assign play/stop buttons on my novation Remote, without luck. I thought renoise couldn’t recieve those MMC messages… would be useful

pretty sure. i believe i posted something about it long ago.
looked for the post or thread i made but couldn’t find it.
i haven’t touched it in a couple years, so i will see about how i did it, i remember it was confusing at first when it just worked all the sudden.

the same. i thought its impossible for rns use mmc commands.

how did ya did that?

i have axiom25 and novation but transport not working.

The transport buttons are impossible to assing to midi commands. Unless you get your midi keyboard to send computer keyboard commands.

You can control Renoise through MIDI if you slave it to your external MIDI gear, then the transport options work if they send out SPP signals and start/stop.

If Renoise does not respond to start/stop signals when your external gear is being set as master (and configured to send SPP and start/stop signals!) then these devices use a different signal, but i doubt that they would deviate from the standard.
More or less this is usually a configuration problem on the external hardware where you have to explicitly set the device as Master controller (or use the MIDI output instead of MIDI through) and in some cases enable specific options to send to the slave machine.

Well I be damned. Sorry for my stupidity and forget what I said about the midi assignment :unsure: