Assigning Samples To Tracks

Is there a way to assign the samples with in a drum kit to separate tracks so when you play them live and record them you don’t get cut offs and don’t have to edit them and copy the different parts to different tracks manually?

Am I making sense?


ps:Is there a way to turn off over writes?

like this?

not yet updated for 2.7, though you could do it manually (search the forums, am too lazy to explain it :) ).


just realized you wrote down ‘live’, in that case, if you have a controller and 2.7 installed, you can set up the midi input to automatically divide events across different tracks.

Think this might be what your looking for


I think you can turn on the chord mode(it’s in the bottom left corner of pattern editor). When it’s turned on renoise adds additional columns in the track you’re plaing, when you play two or more notes, and places them in separate columns. That way samples doesn’t choke each other. That should help, at least it works 4 me.

That is most likely only half of the solution he wants. I guess the other half goes about mixing issues (wanting to mix each percussion element differently and applying different effects to it)

Just helped as much as i could :)

That is okay, i just wanted to point out there are other aspects you can stumble upon when recording percussion elements.
I wasn’t sure if you were aware of those, but in case you didn’t: the info can come in handy later ;)

I forgot there was also this tool: