Asus Pocket Pc

anyone test renoise on it ?…amp;modelmenu=1

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this: 7 inch screen, 800 x 480 resolution

renoise minimum resolution (full screen): 1024 X 784

Actually the screen will do 1024 without scrolling uing the hacked drivers ;)


Hail the search button

You could also see here.

I should add that I was running it on the default xandros install, maybe it’d run better with a real time kernel? I also tried it with the vnc server hack to fit the whole window on screen, but it becomes unreadable.

In this thread on eeeuser somebody has it running in winxp.

I’d go for some simpler tracker software if you’re determined to use the eee for audio.

As said elsewhere:
the eee pc is good for standard office use, nothing more or less:…_701/index2.htm

asus is a taiwanese company. they probably noticed a real need for something like this b/c of the need to have something to throw into the compartments of their scooters. plus they have a japanese influence b/c taiwan was occupied by japan for a while, and japanese love small and cute shit like that.