Asynchronous instrument LFOs

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This could just be a simple toggle on LFOs for “Key Sync” or the like. It would make the instruments feel a lot more alive as they wouldn’t sound exactly the same on each note trigger.

I realize you can work around this with a track LFO but that is a little clunky.

Instrument modulation concept
Instrument modulation concept
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yeah i’d love this

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renoise devs seem to have no interests in useful features :)

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I could have sworn there was a “Modulate the Modulations” thread somewhere but yes, this or that or anything.

Right now I’m finding the sample modulation pretty bland compared to what I can do in the track/FX section where I can modulate the frequency of an LFO with other LFOs creating really organic things.

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To me it sounds like a problem that already can be solved by using the key tracker and LFO’s in the modulation chain or effects chain of the instrument, or am i missing something?
I haven’t had enough time with the new modulation tools to fully understand how they all work, but it seems to me it has potential to do just about everything i can think of.

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Instrument lfo’s seem not to have restart/retrigger button

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No you’ll have to use the LFO’s in the FX chain for that. You can use the keytracker to make slight changes to each key in the modulation chain though.

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+INF, please add this, golden, etc