Au/Vst Instrument Midi Out? So One Instrument Can Control Another (Eg

This is, basically, to get NI Maschine’s internal sequencer to control other instruments using it’s midi out.
Simple to do in Live/Logic/Cubase etc, but I’ve no clue how to in Renoise.

How would you route the midi out from plug in into the midi in of another? Can you, even?

sorry, this was meant for the Beginners Questions

no matter as, I’ve found the answer. : /

Maschine does a lot of sequencing in my setup, so this is majorly disappointing.
:long sigh:

You would really need solutions like Energy XT to do this (A VST plugin that allows you to load multiple plugins that you mongst others can MIDI link to eachother.)

? Energy XT is a daw…
edit: ok it has a plug in version? will have a look.