Audacity takes a “major step towards transforming into a DAW” as it reaches

I’m not a big user of Audacity, but this might interest some folks.

Lack of MIDI support sort of stops it from being a proper DAW in my mind, but having some other audio tool can be handy.

Can’t beat the price. : )

Did the ownership/data rights issue ever get resolved? I didn’t really use it, but after reading on Linux forums that it had become problematic it turned me off it a bit.


Is Audacity Now Spyware? And Why Is It ‘PG-13’? – Synthtopia


Wow. Interesting. Had no idea.

Nothing stops me from using Audacity.
By the way, the new version is 3.2 since yesterday :slight_smile:

Yes, I knew about the issues with Audacity and Muse Group since version 3.0.0, but using an old version is ok. Personally I’m using 2.3.3. Older versions can be downloaded right here. The alternative to Audacity is Wavepad, which was my default audio editor until NCH Software started adding a lot of adware. But those who don’t want to use old versions of these programs could try Tenacity, which is a program based on the source code of Audacity. Or there’s Ocenaudio, another alternative with top ratings, but I’ve never used it and therefore I can’t tell any details about it.

Sorry, Tenacity is still not finished and unreleased, but I assume it won’t take long until this is about to change.

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Thanks for the link, I’ll grab one of the older versions. I rarely use it, but when I do it’s a good tool to have.

Hmmm I have an editor I like but I check in on Audacity from time to time thanks for the heads up! I wonder if it can still sample the computer’s sound output in windows I thought that was cool for snagging samples from otherwise hard to sample sources… been meaning to install it just for that so I’ll check out the changes… cool!

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I have an old install of Audacity that I’ve used for that. Recently I found that I can use Reaper too (I think if I use Asio audio), which I now prefer.