Auto Capture Phrase

(kopias) #1

It would be nice to have “Auto Capture Phrase” toggle button like in instrument box (Auto Capture Instrument).

List of feature suggestions for Renoise
(Djeroek) #2

What does ‘auto capture phrase’ option do exactly?

(vV) #3

I suspect he wants a feature where putting the pattern cursor on a note, automatically selects the attached phrase for in the instrument panel.
If you have the instrument panel detached, there might be a good use in that idea. If it is attached, then it will not work out very great. (depending on if the area has to be made visible instantly)

(toblerpone) #4

Maybe he meant something more like: “Auto-select PHRASES by playing notes with the virtual piano or external MIDI.” The keyboard icon near samples.

(kopias) #5

I must admit that My main concern with this idea was laziness:

When i open and play a song of my freend that uses many phrases I can see which phrase is playing on the bottom of sampler (small rectangles) and just wanted automatic way to see phrase that is playing instead of selecting manual.

vV: good point when having multi monitor setup.
gova: also another good use case

P.S. I would see this as a toggle button on phrases toolbar.