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I guess a option “auto-trim silence” would be a nice-to-have feature in renoise’s sample editor. For pure digital, maybe it would be unite trivial to do. For analogue recordings, a threshold parameter would be required, like in this tool, which doesn’t work anymore:

Also I would love to have an option “remove silence” in the “Render Plugin to Instrument” dialogue. This would be very handy for drums, or short release sounds.

Or maybe “auto length” option.


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Need the ability to trim off the silence in the beginning of recordings due to delay compensation not being exact.
Need a tool that can be ran by a key command and delete the start silence. Settings for threshold under the hood would be good.

check out the “batch process” tool, and CDP for lua tool… they both have a variety of keyboard driven options for dealing with silences, among about a million other things!

thanks for the response but nope. I will keep on doing it manualy, it’s not too bad

The ModFXRender is a window tool that allows all this.

You can insert or delete the silence, both at the beginning and at the end of the sample, even with threshold…


Amazing tool! Thank you sir!