Automate All Parameters

i’d like to be able to automate all dsp parameters. if that is not possible, i would just like to able to automate the EQ10 Hz and width (?) boxes (blue numbers), instead of just the sliders. i miss doing nice EQ sweeps.

A little lost here, i thought we could automate all dsp parameters…

i must be missing something…

as far as i’m aware, it is not possible to automate the blue values in that EQ10 pic in the link.

Not by a long shot unfortunately. But I never knew it was the difference between Blue and White in the GUI.

Such a shame you can’t do comb filter sweeps with the EQ10!

exactly. i often play with the values on the EQ10, and it can sound so cool to sweep it up and down the scale. i also remember quite well that one of the reasons i decided to finally buy Renoise (2.5) was because the CDM article about it had ‘automate everything’ in the title (or was it ‘automate almost everything’? hmmm…)… i love automation.

well in that case +1 then…still hoping for .xrni automation ability…but that is another thread :rolleyes:


definitely +1.

i just noticed how cool this would be when playing around with the new EQ dots in 2.7 beta and doing “circle like” movements with the mouse :panic:

all parameter automation=save +1

+1. I’ve been waiting for this too. Both Q and Freq should be possible to automate imo.

I looked into Lua what parameters were available… but it seems only the mappable parameters are available, so also with the Lua API you can only get 10 parameters from the EQ10 and 5 from the EQ5.
A pity.

Nice initiative anyways!

didn’t +1 yet… :)

+1 :D


EVERYTHING should be automatable. +1